Pranayama: the Art of Breathing in Harmony with Nature

by Filippo Bianca

Prana in Sanskrit means “Breath Force” or “Vital Energy”. Yama indicates mastery. Pranayama is the art and science of mastering the vital energy through the breath.
The Breath brings us into contact with the Air element, vehicle of Prana and with everything that interacts with it: every person and every being that breathes, therefore animals, plants, etc

Prana permeates everything in this creation, even inanimate.

Mount Peglia is rich in vegetation and the workshop will focus on Pranayama’s techniques for energy exchange with the vegetable kingdom. We will learn how to offer our energies and how to open ourselves to receive plant energies in a gentle way, without emptying them, taking only their excessive ones, and how to create a virtuous circle that enhances the parts.
The seminar will be itinerant, so we will go together visiting the green areas of the festival. The meeting point will be at the Healing Area and we will finish the practice at the Lavender Fields.

Filippo Bianca bio

Associate Pranic Healer ASI, Arhatic Yogi, singer and lover of singing as therapy.
He studied piano with Gaia Possenti, singing with Jacqueline Ferry and Sergio Bassi. He continues his studies about Life itself through the spiritual path of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and spans various fields: from Theosophy to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Vedic Culture and Vedic Singing, Sufi Knowledge related to Sound and singing, from Shamanism to Hermitage, Bi-neural Beat to Mantra Yoga, seeking a common Truth between the Ancient Disciplines.