Seeds of Light: Subtle Energies as a Tool of Change

by Lucilla Satanassi and Hubert Bösch

Behind the appearance of the material world there is an invisible reality that influences the visible dimension. The invisible part of the world is made of vital energy and ideas (information) and it is organized in bioenergetic fields (thought forms). Our behaviors and our health depend on the quality of the bioenergy fields with which we are tuned in. At the same time, what we think and do can change the invisible reality. We can subvert this world by spreading positive vibrations through the spread of Seeds of Light.
Everything in Nature has its own vibration, a bioenergetic field and automatically becomes a diffuser of its qualities: people, animals, plants, trees, every living being, stones, minerals, landscapes, sounds, natural and geometric shapes, symbols, numbers etc. So we have a huge variety of thought forms that we can use to be better and to change the world. The ability to store bioenergetic fields on various media gives us the ability to spread them everywhere in a targeted way to reinforce positive vibrations.
It is from these considerations that the idea of ​​EcoSubversion was born, it aims to make the world more aware, harmonious, peaceful and livable, in short, to subvert the currently dominant world. The means to do this are supports, bioenergetically loaded, that emanate positive energies.

Light Seeds are loaded with qualities like love, beauty, gratitude, light, peace, awareness and others, and are designed to be sticked in every place where people pass or stop. Instead, the Drops of Light spread qualities that favor water purification and energize it, and help to clean the water of streams, rivers, lakes and the sea. They are distributed free of charge by “Remedia” and you can also find the Seeds of Light in the Healing Area of ​​the WAO Festival.

Hubert Bösch bio

He grew in the midst of the trees in Austria and had been curious and countercurrent, devoted his life to meditation, life in nature and natural therapies. In 1975 founded the spiritual community Lichtheimat. In 1992 with Lucilla founded the company “Remedia” and deals with the research in the field of health, from which the “Spirito degli Alberi” (The Spirit of Trees) was born. For over 20 years he studied invisible energies and their use.

Lucilla Satanassi bio

Grown up with a great passion for planting she graduated in Agricultural Science with an experimental thesis on the use of herbs in agriculture. She worked as a biological engineer for AIAB. Graduated in herbal medicine directs a phytopreparation laboratory before founding with Hubert “Remedia”. She teaches in various Naturopathy schools, holds seminars on herbs and is author of several books.