Balance and Harmony between Opposites

by Barbara Nardelli

Shamanic practices, art and movement will be the instruments used for exploring and balancing our duality.
Finding and walking the ‘middle path’ makes us complete, gives us the opportunity to develop our potential and gives us health, well-being and balanced relationships. The disequilibrium can lead to discomfort and the manifestation of conflicting or unsatisfactory relations.
This workshop is moved by the goal of balancing and integrating polarity, within ourselves and in our relationships.
We will use energy techniques, shamanic practices, movement, art and meditation as self-exploration and transformational tools. We will have the opportunity to explore the male and female side, which exists in each of us and whose expression and harmony is a mirror of our past and it conditions our relationships. We will seek balance and harmony between earth and sky, right and left, male and female, active and passive, close and far … A duality, at your individual choice, will be explored and integrated. We will use shamanic journey and art therapy techniques to connect ourselves to the reality beyond the mind and outsource the inner world by creating a Mandala. We will be able to relate to it, make consciousness and create the necessary changes to achieve greater balance and harmony.

The contents of the workshop are:

  • The Wheel of Medicine, Balance and Health
  • Theoretical bases on the nature of energy channels, the Kundalini and the two cerebral hemispheres
  • Pranayama, visualization and energy techniques
  • Moving activities for balancing and integrating opposites
  • Shamanic Journey and Mandala Creation
  • Sharing.

The workshop fits to a max of 30 people, it will be then evaluated to welcome more.

Barbara Nardelli bio

Qualified at the Academy of Fine Arts, with diplomas in Transpersonal Therapy Art, Holistic Counseling and Indigenous Studies. She is a Reiki Master, vision quester, Mesa bearer and practitioner of the shamanic journey. She follows the teaching of spiritual masters and shamans of various traditions with whom she attended ceremonies and initiations.
Since 2008, Barbara had been offering service as an individual therapist and guides groups of psycho-spiritual growth. Her approach is a union of holistic and somatic counseling, creative / expressive therapies, work with symbols, role simulations, and dialogue with inner voices. Barbara holds the sacred space, applies energetic knowledge and shamanic practices accessible to everyone. Her work and her life are aimed at combining western science and ancestral wisdom, for the benefit of the Earth and of all beings. She manages the Fb Group: ‘Holistic Therapies and Personal Growth’ where to find info and updates.