Bioenergetics: the Breath of the Body

by Laura Cociancig

Bioenergetics is a holistic discipline that allows the integration of mind and body. It uses breathing techniques, exercises, positions and body contacts, associated with a verbal analysis of the lived experience.
When we are connected with the body we feel fluent, loose and open to life, while when we are in distress all our energy system is depressed or overloaded. Body tensions are the reflection of our internal conflicts, where there is a physical pain it is hiding a dark, contracted area that asks to be seen and accepted. Bioenergetics can help this process of awareness and integration between the psyche (thoughts, illusions, beliefs) and the body (emotions and the removed).
The body is the sacred temple that you wear and which you carry every day in the world. The body is like a road that can turn you back “home” in your inner world.
A gathering to experience your vital energy and the energy blocks that prevent it from flowing. Expressive exercises, listening, awareness and energy activation to get in touch with the body and the areas of greater tension, to open your breath and to feel more connected to Earth (grounding) and to the Life that flows into you!

Laura Cociancig bio

Bioenergetic psychotherapist and psychologist. She deals with individual psychotherapy and conducts weekly bioenergetic groups and workshops. Ever curious and passionate about esoteric and spiritual disciplines over the years has been able to experience many paths (meditation, core-energy, family constellations, karmic biology, reiki, pranic healing, etc.) that have enriched her life and work by awakening new talents and awareness. She also works with moms and couples expecting a baby. She is operator and trainer in Eva Reich’s bioenergetic neonatal massage.