Alchemical Concert 432 Hz: the Journey of the Soul

 by Velka Sai

Let’s free our hearts making our soul travel on the sound waves. The sacred music, meditation, the voicing of the breath, singing vowels, mantras, empowering affirmations with the the support of ancestral instruments with their special vibrations at 432Hz, create the journey of our soul: a magical, safe, secure space.  A transformative one, where the invisible becomes perceptible, nourishment and expansion for our conscience, which is enriched with new subtle insights. Sound healing is very ancient, the Essenes used it through the ‘Milky Voice’ to bring balance and harmony. It is a journey with therapeutic effects where each physical tension, resistance or block is released naturally by freeing our emotions and deeper feelings, where every heart can gently open to enter the ecstasy of meditative chant that reconnects us to our divine essence, thus rebalancing our whole being so delicate yet intense. The use of voice, under the wise and loving guidance of Velka Sai,  moves  stagnant energy, blocked or latent and leads the mind and body into a state of harmony.

You can experience some benefits:

-relief from anxiety and oppression
-deep relaxation
-rebalancing of the chakras
-a more free and calm mind
-releasing of the physical and emotional tensions
-restoration of harmony body-mind
-better listening of your own self
-spiritual dimension opening

Velka Sai bio

Eleonora Giudizi aka Velka-Sai is an alchemic artist. Her eclectic personality translates into a powerful vocal style but at same time refined, ancestral and evocative. Constantly looking for new artistic stimuli, her sonic capabilities identify her as a versatile performer, able to express naturally and talented in various musical styles .. in songs that belong to the ethnic and sacred tradition.
Thanks to a deep path of soul searching in the vast universe of sound meditation, she felt that her voice could be put at the service of whom, like her, believes that the sound is a privileged means to discover the powerful inner Harmony, and to connect with the divine within us.