AcroSoul: the Dynamic of the Couple Balance

by Damiano Petitti

AcroSoul was born from the intuition to bring together the experience of years of personal and transpersonal growth, working in the field of support work in the creative and poetic territory of Circus Acrobatics and Physical Theater. Since always the relationship between these worlds was for me an interesting field of research and experimentation that has taken shape with the help of yoga and not-verbal deep contact techniques. The use of the look and the joint breath to access a more subtle touch, allows you to cross with greater awareness the experiences of trust and responsibility that the part of acrobatics in relation reveals.

AcroSoul is an experience of couple, of groups of couples, of intimacy and knowledge through direct channels to the heart. It is a journey to discover the similarities and balances, listening and acceptance, trust and complicity in the dynamic harmony of the physical and spiritual contact.

Damiano Petitti bio

I teach acrobatics and circus arts since 15 years at the ‘Small Circus School’ of Milan (one of the first in Italy) for which I am certified. I have held several workshops in Italy and conducted a parallel career as a performer and busker. Next to this ongoing education I cultivated also an interest in yoga and personal growth, in acroyoga and different shamanic paths. Last year I participated a the Boom festival in Portugal bringing this seminar.