Frequently asked questions


How many music stages will there be?

There will be two music stages. The main stage will mostly play psytrance, dub, glitch and bass with a 80kw Clear Sound tm system and the second stage will play an eclectic alternative meltinpot of music genres  such as Techno, Dub, Chill, Tribal, Downtempo, Experimental, Bass, Glitch, Ethno, PsyTechno, Global Fusion, Ambient, Balcan, Tropical, Cumbia and Nu Folk. We think you will love it.

When will the detailed program be published?

The complete program with the timetables of seminars and initiatives will be announced on the website and on the Facebook page a few days before the festival starts.

What time will the music start and finish?

The music will start on Tuesday August 13th afternoon and will end on Sunday at midnight. In the main floor there will be 4-hour breaks in the afternoon every day except on Sunday.

Where will the timetables be published?

There will be posters at the festival with the timetables for all the stages.

Does the ticket price cover all six days of the festival or are there any additional costs?

The ticket price covers the entrance to the festival, participation in the seminars, camping and the use of the services inside the festival for all six days.

Caravan pitches are sold separately at the price of 60 € but unfortunately they are SOLD OUT.

Can I buy tickets only for a day or two?

Weekend tickets for 4, 3 and 2 days are available on Eventbrite and can also be purchased at the entrance, depending on the day of arrival at the Festival prices are as follows:

  • from Thursday (4 days) 15/08 10 am: 120 €
  • from Friday (3 days) 17/08 10 am: 100 €
  • from Saturday (2 days) 18/08 10 am: 80 €

When will I receive confirmation mail after the payment?

The e-mail should arrive in a few minutes after the payment. In case of delays, please write to

Does the ticket price covers all 6 days or are there additional costs?

The price covers the entrance to the festival, participation in seminars, camping and the possibility of using the services within the festival.
Caravan pitches are sold separately. The pitches for caravans are sold separately for 60 € and you can buy them here. You can find here the different accommodation solutions for those who want to come with family or friends and enjoy the festival in comfort.

I bought my ticket on the website and I received the confirmation e-mail for my order, but no tickets attached. When will I receive them?

The confirmation e-mail contains a link to the PDF ticket. If you have a smartphone, please do NOT print the ticket but show it at the cash desk via your phone. Otherwise just print the PDF and go to the gate with a document.

I bought two tickets, but I’m no longer able to attend the festival. I would like to sell them. How can I do?

Changing names of the tickets were possible until June 13th.

Can minors take part in the festival?

Young people under 18 can only take part if accompanied by at least one parent.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my children?

Children under 12 years old do not need to pay to enter the festival.

What is the address of the festival? We are coming by car and need directions.

You can check our How to get here page.

In any case, the address is:

Parco dei Settefrati
Strada Statale 317
05010 San Venanzo TR

latitude:42.807500 longitude:12.210370

Who can use the shuttle service?

At any time you decide to arrive in Orvieto know that from 13 to 19 August from 08 to 20 is available a shuttle service with Bus 52 seats that will take you to the entrance of the festival and bring you back to Orvieto as often as you want.


  1. The Shuttle Bus is free of charge for all those who have purchased their tickets online. To do this, the driver will ask you to show him the entrance ticket (also in digital format) and an identity document.
  2. For all those who have not bought the ticket online the Shuttle Bus a cost of 10 euros (round trip without limit of travel) per person to be paid directly to the driver
WAO Festival 2019 Shuttle Schedule

WAO Festival 2019 Shuttle Schedule

I don’t have a car to get to the festival. Is there an online car sharing group or anything similar?

You can find our official WAO Festival Car Sharing Facebook group by clicking here.

Are pets allowed on the festival site?

No. We are sorry but pets and animals will not be accepted.
Dogs will not be allowed inside the festival at any time.

Should all participants bring their own tents or will there be any accomodation already set up?

There will be a designated area where participants can assemble their own tents.

Will the camping area have shower facilities?

Yes. There will be showers.

Are caravans allowed?

Yes. There will be a fully equipped area for caravans but the Caravan pitches are sold separately at the price of 60 € and you can buy them here.

Starting from this edition, WAO Festival offers you a selection of comfortable accommodation options for you and your family.

By choosing one of our Glamping accomodations, you will be able to relax and camp in comfort as you enjoy all that WAO Festival has to offer. At a short 10 minute walk away from Main Areas, the Serenity campsite will welcome you ensuring you’ll have a wonderful festival experience. Lights and electricity for charging mobile phones and other devices will be included.

Please bring your own bedding or purchase the “Full bedding” option. The Glamping accomodations are available on our website as of today – You can add this product to your shopping cart when purchasing the festival tickets and also separately.

The bedding includes :

  • Beds with foam mattress
  • Duvets & pillows
  • Cotton bed linen
  • Throw blanket per bed
You can find here the different accommodation solutions for those who want to come with family or friends and enjoy the festival in comfort but unfortunately they are SOLD OUT.

Can I bring food, drinks etc…?

You can bring your own food. Beverages are not permitted.

What food will be provided at the festival?

There will be a variety of food stalls available, these will include vegan and vegetarian options.

Do I have to book in advance to attend the seminars?

You do not have to book in advance. Seminars are open to all, just turn up at the start of the seminar in the designated area.