Towards the Celestial World: a school for the Sikuani

by Antonio Manconi

In this lecture, Antonio Manconi will illustrate his experience with the Sikuani people of the region of the llanos Orientales of Colombia. The central theme will focus on the education of future generations, in the perspective of the creation of a new world, where spiritual life is no longer the refuge of those trying  to escape from a system that produces only death, disease and war, but on the contrary that it is vehicle of a new form of community life.
The project of a new school, autonomous and shamanic, carried out by this indigenous community, in fact aims to recover the language, traditions related to crafts and above all to face the future with renewed perspective. To do so, the Sikuani will work integrating ancestral knowledge and those coming from the “system”, indispensable for looking at the future and moving in the context of the present world.

All the work of building a new school will be rooted in the ancestral dance that has always guided this people, and that has guaranteed until this days its survival, always headed up against the thousand adversities that the Colombian context has been able to present to these communities. For  the Sikuani people it is the dance that had been practiced the first people that came on this planet, a dance to create the new world by addressing the strength and the light of the sky.

Antonio Manconi bio

Antonio Manconi, is PHD in Toulouse University Jean Jaurès, France. He is working on a doctorate thesis that focus on a reevaluation of Amerindian and Shamanic thought in the contemporary knowledge field. With his work he is facing some historical anthropological topics in a different way. His aim is to seriously learn the Amerindian and Shamanic knowledge and  to connect it with philosophical and political questions. For him Amerindian shamans are not people we need to interpret, they are already great philosophers and in his vision we have a lot to learn by them. He is interested in anti-capitalist activism since at least 10 years. He took part to several radical movements in Italy and now he is focusing in ecological and de-colonial activism.