The Wheel of Tarots

by Giorgia Gaia

The workshop is introduced as a journey through the Major Arcana to discover the individual characteristics of each soul and personality – and their connection with the eternal becoming of collective existence. The tarot wheel is an esoteric path that transmutes the vision of time, highlighting its non-linearity. This research system starts from the use of numbers in order to show the intrinsic characteristics of the soul of each individual, his mission of life and the cycle of the years in which he is inserted. The journey then becomes a vision that expands the awareness of time into an infinite turning of the wheel of the Everything that is the present collective existence.

The tarot wheel also opens the comparison with distant universes, with native cultures. All this to bring concretely to discover:

– the Arcanum of one’s soul and one’s personality

– the cycle of the years of each individual

– esoteric correspondences

– awareness of the unity of being

Giorgia Gaia bio

Giorgia Gaia is a researcher of the multiverse, graduated in cultural anthropology and with several years of experience and study, including academic, in the esoteric field. Attracted since her birth to the paranormal, her research doesn’t stop at the borders of reality and shared, but rather tries to transcend it to investigate the secrets of the Matrix and of the Whole. Her esoteric-ethnographic works include an experience in the community of Damanhur, which produced the text ‘Damanhur, the Ecology of Spirit’; years of interviews and participant observations culminated in the audiovisual work ‘Chai, Charas and Changa’ and in the text ‘Changa’s Alchemy’. Recently she is working on the creation of a vision, which has taken the name of ‘Village of the Moon’.