The Ancient Art of transforming Medicinal Herbs into Medicament

by Francesca Consuelo De Francesco

A short journey to the ancient paths of the boundless Vegetal World, alongside our allied Medicinal Plants.

From the Science of the Fitocomplex to the Alchemy of the transformation.

We will look over an ancient world where Dominae Herbarum and Ancient Shelf Markers have always handed down the benefit of the knowledge of the “Natural-Alchemical” Care in our Mediterranean tradition.

During the workshop we will cover the following topics:

– Natural is not synonymous with harmless

– Notes on Phytocomplex and Active Principle (we are all Earth beings)

– Body chemistry and plant chemistry

– Body and Psyche Union, walk through the correspondences of Organs – Chakras – Emotions – Medicinal Herbs.

– What will be the right remedy to use?

– Description of some Phytotherparates: tinctures, ointments, oleolites, hydrolates, hydrolites, bud-derivative, acetolites

– Background on Dominae Herbarum, Potnia Phiton, Polipharmakos, Malleus Maleficarum, Witches of Italy, Shelf-Markers, last Witch of Europe, Ancients Phytopreparates (Vinegar of the 4 thieves)

-Preparation of Historical Galenic Phytopreparates: acetic dyeing of Lavender and Rosemary, Ivy oleolith

Francesca Consuelo bio

Francesca is “The Brigand Fairy of Natural Remedies”: my journey is about research, listening, life, studying of PachaMama, Mother Earth or Nature, which consists of a healing system that seeks body-psyche unity. Overcoming this ancient and fascinating world it will unveil us the uniqueness of this journey that combines healing, magical and scientific practices since we started to search of the Healing.
Francesca Consuelo “The Brigand Fairy”  has been going through the path of nature for years by learning from the wise medicine women and men that still today, on the mountains and beyond, live by curing with natural medicines and she continues her education by studying at the Academy of Herbal Arts ; Traditional Galenic, based on Ayurveda, herbalism and recognition of officinal plants with Sarandrea, continuing her research and connection with Nature through the teachings of Shamanic Medicine and the ancient knowledge of the “curanderos”. Earth is her largest school.