Land Art and Esotericism

by Mahdi El Ghomri

A journey to discover the ancient mythologies of trees and their symbolic functions.

Together we will experience the evocative power of wild nature through art and the

magic. We will begin with a theoretical-anthropological approach to the mythology of trees, to rediscover together the ancient symbolic functions of the species which for various reasons have been defined sacred in history. Tree worship is the basis of every mythology and religion and several studies confirm the fundamental role they have always had since the most ancient societies. It has also been proven that the individual’s memory is recorded in the genetic heritage and therefore stored in the next generations, so it is easy to understand the power of reactivation of the ancestral memory that a tree have on us, having accompanied humanity since the beginning of the development of the modern collective consciousness.

Before proceeding with the practical phase, we will be made aware of how to apply the principles of permaculture to the creation of works of art. During the workshop we will use this knowledge to identify and then activate a Nemeton (magical natural place) in the woods; through a preliminary meditation, we will rediscover the dormant psychomagic power that the sacred trees are able to activate in us, and finally we will prepare with natural materials the seals with the “Caroll” method and then activate them thanks to the ritual of suspension.

Mahdi El Ghomri Bio

After my artistic studies I started working wood and stone alongside professional sculptors and carpenters, until in 2016 with Danusia Morrone (eco-designer and herbalist) and other artists we decided to found a collective of natural sculpture that followed the principles of permaculture. Since 2014 I have been active in several ecological associations where I dealt with the dissemination of ancient seeds, wild plants, teaching and organization of holistic events. I am interested in esotericism and since 2010 I study the tarot of Marseilles.