I Ching – The Book of Changes

by Francesca Cannone

What is the I Ching book?

It is considered by Confucius as the greatest book of wisdom ever existed, used at the popular level for divinatory and oracular purposes and by mathematicians, philosophers and scholars, to deepen the laws of the Universe. It is considered the first classical text of Chinese culture, also surviving the destruction of the Libraries by Qin Shi Huang Di (first emperor of China). The Book of Changes seems to be reborn in every age, it became a sacred text also for the formation of Confucius and Lao Tze.

The complex system with which the 64 hexagrams of the Book are articulated, is nothing but a graphic representation of the laws that govern the Universe. In fact, it is a wise communicator between micro and macro cosmos.
Less well known than the tarot ,”The Book of Changes” is based on the same synchronic, symbolic and psycho-magical principle. During the lecture I will introduce the participants to Chinese wisdom, exalting the simplicity with which the sentences of the book are articulated, following independently a path made of rules that are applied not only to the book, but to the whole life.

Francesca Cannone bio

I am Francesca, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. It is more than a year that I have given my life the priority to follow spiritual paths, for this reason I have taken a university break nourishing myself of readings based mainly on Oriental, Theosophical and Esoteric authors, dedicating myself to independent research. Of all this I would like to share the simplicity with which the doors of perception sometimes open up in everyone’s life.