Wellness and Psychology of Living: Feng Shui and the use of Colors to live in harmony

by Daniela Mancini

Feng Shui is an ancient oriental discipline that combines philosophy and architecture, that generates positive energy for the spirit and the body in the spaces.
The choice of colors is very important in Feng Shui, everyone has their own type of energy, an information that reaches our subconscious and influences our psychophysical state and generates positive or negative emotions and feelings.

The colors derive from yin-yang and its nuances: the maximum of light is the yang, the absence of light is the yin, in the middle there are the colors that are perceived by the human eye, corresponding to the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine.

When choosing the colors for the different environments, we consider the personal characteristics of the inhabitants of the house, the specific living function and the energetic character given by the orientation, through the BaGua, a compass that serves to identify the energetic character of the space.

Unlike other theories, Feng Shui uses color combinations so that our instinctive intelligence is guided towards a feeling of well-being, vitality, a safe place in place of alarm, agitation, escape. An inadequate color could negatively affect our relationships with others, productivity and success, which is why we cannot rely solely on custom or on trends in the choice of the color.

Daniela Mancini bio

She is Architect with a specialization in Feng Shui and Bio-architecture and with a strong focus on the environment. She carries out the professional activity as architectural design and Feng Shui consultant paying particular attention to psychological and personal growth aspects such as the use of natural materials and integration with the environment.
After graduating in Architecture, she had various experiences in architectural and landscape design abroad. Since 2012 she has been working in Italy applying Feng Shui as part of a wider reading of space, a synthesis of her journey that crosses environment, bio-architecture and personal research integrated in an approach that places life quality, your own space and its own ecological footprint at the center of the design.


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