The journey as therapy: the story of Vagamondo

by Carlo Taglia

He will debate not only  about a fabulous  travel around the world without flying across Europe, Asia and South America or the adventurous journey from the Cape of Good Hope to the North Cape with public transport and hitchhiking in the middle of black Africa. Carlo will tell his story, his love for the cultures of the world, and his venture towards solitary and often difficult experiences, which allowed him to get to know himself deeply, to find solutions to blocks and torments, and to overcome his limits until the achievement of his greatest dreams.

Without filters he will share his life experience from the first step he took when he was just twenty years old to the choice of travel to heal a strong self-destructive adolescent pain. He will also tackle the path that led him to become a successful independent writer, achieving results never seen in Italy.

An overwhelming story that has inspired a lot of young people, and not only them, to believe more in themselves and in their dreams. His mission is to convey the journey as an extraordinary medicine of the soul.

Carlo Taglia aka Vagamondo bio

Carlo Taglia, aka Vagamondo, has traveled over two hundred thousand kilometers on Earth without ever taking planes crossing all the continents!

He is the author of four travel bestsellers, who have climbed the Italian charts to reach the absolute top 10 of the best-selling books. The first book “Vagamondo, around the world without flying” was the best-selling book of the year in the Travel category of 2016.

Each of his books is entirely selfpublished, refusing the support of the main publishing houses that have repeatedly offered collaborations to him. In five years, well over 50,000 copies of all the books have been distributed.