The Egypt Pyramids: the Interstellar Journeys of the KA, the “Double”

artwork by Simon Haiduk

workshop by Massimo Izzo

Those timeless wonders that are the pyramids of Egypt have always amazed us for their grandeur and complexity of construction. In our gathering we will visually retrace their evolution starting from the first monumental attempts of 2650 BC until the moment in which the pyramids begin to speak through the first sacred texts that are engraved on the walls of their internal chambers.

Before moving on to the next block, the “Texts of the Pyramids”, a 3D video reconstruction of the Giza plain, will take us on a bird’s eye to discover this historic and rich site. When the pyramids begin to speak with the oldest sacred texts in the world dating back to 2350 BC , they leave us even more stunned by describing the interstellar journeys of the “Double” of the deceased, the KA, which in modern terms we would define as “Astral Body”. But are these the characteristics and journeys of the dead alone? Perhaps not, as the Egyptians explicitly tell us in the second great corpus of travels in the underground worlds of the other human component, the BA soul. These two components, the BA and the KA, the “Soul” and the “Double” seem to be two large containers of archetypal energies in the human, according to the scheme of various Jungian psychologists. And suddenly we find ourselves facing a key to understand our modern psyche and to better find out our most mysterious features.

Massimo Izzo bio

Egyptologist, Orientalist Archaeologist and Engineer, he was born in Naples in 1961. Lecturer in Italy and abroad, he holds monographic courses of disclosure between Marche and Emilia Romagna. He graduated with honors in Naval and Mechanical Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples, designer. In the 2000s, at the University of Pisa, he obtained successively a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Heritage Sciences, an archaeological curriculum and a Master’s Degree in Archeology of Egypt and the Near East, both with honors.
As an engineer and Egyptologist he was part of the archaeological mission of the University of Pisa in Egypt to Dra abu El-Naga, Tomb of the TT14, at Luxor, under the direction of Prof. Marilina Betrò. Since 2005 he teaches as a professor of History and Eastern Archeology at the Free University of Pesaro and at the place of disclosure “culture popularizing”.