Master Plants and their Responsible use

by Alessandra and Edmunds

Master Plants are plants of great power used by men since ancient times to get in touch with the divine, to search for personal and collective answers (also of a practical kind), in religious and therapeutic contexts (to cure disharmonies and with physical and psychological symptoms).

Nowadays they have returned to be of great interest even among the most westernized populations, like ours.

Often leaving their socio-cultural context, they have become accessible to all those who seek them, becoming for many a tool in their own listening and personal growth path.

This lecture will allow you to know them better, we will talk about their great potentials and what their risks are, how they can be a tool for learning and personal growth, what are the different approaches existing today towards their use and how important is the individual commitment in the process of integrating the experiences so that what has been lived and experienced through the master plants can become an integral part of our daily level of consciousness. And again, what is the push that leads us to approach the master plants? And how to prepare oneself? How to distinguish a responsible and safe use from an irresponsible and risky one?

Alessandra and Edmunds bio

Edmunds is a retreat facilitator and musician. For over 15 years he devoted himself to the research of the potential of human conscience, a path that led him to live in Peru to deepen the study of master plants as a tool of inner research.

His intention, in life as in work, is to integrate his study with non-dualistic practices in order to support the natural growth of each individual towards higher levels of awareness.

Alessandra is a therapist, mother and doula. Her journey has led her to refine empathy and acceptance. With her presence and her singing she offers service during the circles, helping to create a balance between male and female energies in the work.