Listen to the rhythm of your Heart: the Heart Rate Variability 

by Gabriele Penazzi

The Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a parameter used in cardiology to measure and analyze heart rate variability. A healthy heart responds promptly to changes in the body, based on changes in the rhythm of the breath, in the onset of new emotions or moods, or on the basis of many factors and life habits that are not always easily identifiable. A good Heart Rate Variability is a sign of a good level of psychophysical adaptability to the different situations that life impels us to face up on a daily basis. Thanks to some biofeedback systems we can learn to listen to what our heart tries to communicate to us daily, minute by minute, from the levels of stress that are often too high that we impose,  on supporting the intuitions that our rationality does not always allow us to grasp. There are simple and effective exercises able to make those natural and beneficial frequencies for our body resonate in us and outside us, synchronizing the beating of our heart with the rhythm of the breath, so as to connect us, perhaps, in a more human way, from the heart at heart, even among us.

Gabriele Penazzi bio

Gabriele Penazzi, laureato in psicologia e studioso di neuroscienze, ha come principale interesse lo studio degli stati non ordinari di coscienza indotti da pratiche meditative, tecniche di respirazione o enteogeni.

Presidente dell’associazione culturale URLA, ha organizzato diverse conferenze e convegni, come “Neurogym: psychological fitness”, “Alla ricerca della Coscienza: punti di vista per un approccio integrato” e “Libertà di ricerca e sostanze psicotrope”. In collaborazione con il CSTG-Centro Studi di Terapia della Gestalt e con la Foundations of Mind è responsabile dell’organizzazione della Summer School of Neuroscience, Phenomenology and Physics of Consciousness and Meditative States, che si terrà a Noceto (Siena) dal 26 al 29 Agosto 2019.