FerVida – Life Fermentation

by Ivan Susta

FerVida is a neologism that represents the ancient Thai fermentation technique called ” Nam Mak ”. It takes a long time to mature but the wait is then repaid with live probiotics of great value and concentration. It is also a good prebiotic and during the long fermentation, numerous nutrients are created which together with the phytotherapeutic properties of the fermented vegetable make FerVida the ” King or Queen “of all fermentations. They are suitable for restoring a good microbiota and health maintenance in general thanks also to the essential amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and short chain fatty acids. It can be taken orally or used in topical way.

They are also used to protect the environment and ecosystems used as a substitute for numerous chemical products for cleaning, cosmetics, agriculture, etc. FerVida is very easy to do and costs are almost null. Today they represent one of the most revolutionary, fundamental and indispensable ways for human, animal and planet welfare. FerVida accompanies us also in our social paths, spiritual growth and in the journey to the re-discovery of oneself, favoring, over time , the return to a calm and peaceful life in harmony with the world.

Ivan Susta bio

About 25 years ago I left the way of life based on the classical teachings of our society and a very restrictive family and I started traveling to discover the world and new ways of seeing life and how to live it. In India I had the chance to learn a lot and to change my way of being. I became interested in nutrition, meditation and ways to stay healthy. I never understood what I wanted to do in my life but I understood what I didn’t want to do in my life. After about 15 years I decided to stop and I became father of 3 wonderful creatures. In the meantime I met Stefano Abbruzzese, who lives in Thailand and  is the founder of the FERVIDA MICRORGANISM group in which he reported the teachings of the teacher Pa Cheng, also from Thailand. The purpose of the group is to pass on the technique and to help people solve problems and resolve doubts. After a couple of years I started to collaborate with Stefano and I started to administrate his group and also MINIMA ESSENZA, another group that deals with FerVida. For over two years I have been teaching the original technique to make quality Fervida all over Italy.