Crystals: Colors, Energies and Light from the Earth

by Alessandro Montis and Alessia Chi’ARa Rosatelli

We are beings vibrating with energy and full of sunlight. The shining prism that runs through our body allows the color frequencies to interact with the cells and restore our vital centers. Thanks to their coloring and/or their shine, crystals help us find our balance. The planet as us absorbs this light and in the depths of the Earth and by geological and energetic processes minerals and crystals are born and grow.

In addition to helping the Beings they allow the rebalancing and the energetic stability of the planet, in particular the quartz and their tips act as antennas, channels and portals.

The conference will explain the meaning and history of crystals, their use in the various cultures and religions of human history, the characteristics and geological formations and their use in everyday life and in crystal therapy.  An experiential laboratory with the master quartzes and the rough tips will follow.

We learn to reconnect with nature and our origins, to feel the vibration and the powerful energy of the Earth. What it is needed, ALREADY IS.

We will also be present at the festival in the Shop Area with our beautiful crystals,where you are invited to see our vast collection.

Alessandro Montis bio

He is BABALAWO Awo ni Orunmila (Father of Secrets). That is to say the highest priest shaman of the African, Caribbean and Latin American tradition. Knower and divulger of the esoteric shamanic forms, practices and customs of African, Caribbean and Latin American with experience also of the Eastern ones.

Passionate, collector, researcher of shells, crystals and he has been enrolled in the Register of the “Mont Blanc Crystal Workers”. He collaborates with several National Park Institutions, with the Natural Science Museums of Rome and Milan, the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and other reference figures related to the study of minerals. He is exhibitor and speaker at national and not national field events.

Alessia Chi’ARa Rosatelli bio

Passionate about crystals, she has studied and taken the Masters in crystal therapy dealing for many years with adult / child laboratories, courses and treatments to transmit Wisdom, Energy and Efficacy.

Undergoing a very deep inner journey, she obtained the Master’s Degree in Natural Reiki Healing and finished her three-year course in holistic naturopathy.

She combines energy techniques with crystal therapy; holistic massage, flower therapy, essential and phytotherapeutic oils, autogenic training and meditation.

She carries out everything with deep respect of all Beings with the aim of helping to awaken in the hearts Art, Awareness, Self-Healing and Freedom.