Biomimesis: the Parametric Morphologies of Nature

 by Donato Gallo

Biomimetics is a science that develops technologies inspired by nature, studying the reasons for shapes and materials. Man has always done it, for millennia he used materials to make tools or to build. In fact, observing and mimicking other living beings, with a holistic approach, through an empirical procedure, he transformed natural materials into new ones, reshaping them for his own needs. In eco-sustainable design, any design, calculation or idea cannot be released from the environmental context in which it is placed. The individual elements of an architecture are in constant relation with what is around them, with which they dialogue and relate. The “building system” interacts with other systems, natural and artificial, giving life to an anthropized ecosystem; each construction is a fragment of landscape and helps to modify it. Through biomimetics, the designer maintains a balance with nature and the territory and enhances them.

A balance not only aesthetic: a balance made of resources.

The goal of the lecture is to learn to use this approach in designing efficient structures using renewable resources.

Donato Gallo bio

The workshop will be held by Donato Gallo, a researcher and rural innovator, who promotes a different building by the self-construction of permanent and temporary structures made of renewable materials.

Investigator and actuator of multiple techniques for green building and supporter of the free circulation of knowledge, he participated as a researcher in the collective on rural development and innovation RuralHub, had been professor in ethical production and designer for the Monterusciello Agro City project. He is a member of the Rural Task Force Hack and collaborates with international organizations such as the Deafal ONG (European Delegation for Family Agriculture of Asia, Africa and Latin America).