Biocostellazioni® (Bioconstellations): the Magic of Observing oneself without judgment

 by Giancarlo Lo Monaco and Laura Rosicarelli

Biocostellazioni® (Bioconstellations) combine the knowledge and the application of the Five Biological Laws with the new medial and spiritual constellations. That is, the evolution of the old family and systemic constellations. They are a tool that initiates a path of personal awareness, where each symptom is seen and treated as a creative movement of the spirit.

A symptom is no longer seen as a problem of the individual, but as a manifestation of the entire system from which it comes, a form of relationship with someone, a suspended relationship. The works are an experience of how healing can take place only by including the spirit and higher psychic dimensions, in harmony with destiny, with one’s environment and with all that is part of it. The sessions can be both individual and group and take place starting from the analysis of the biological meaning contained in a physical symptom that is then staged through representatives. All this takes place thanks to the essential contribution of the morphic field of which each participant is both a contributor and a beneficiary.

The knowledge of biological programs together with the ability to associate them with a precise personal emotional displacement give us the possibility to manage the symptoms out of the common condition of fear linked to the disease.

Giancarlo Lo Monaco bio

Journalist, I dedicated the last 15 years of my life to the dissemination of issues related to the environment and the protection of nature. In the meantime I have cultivated my passion for the spiritual research and the development of the potential inherent in every human being. This research led me to investigate different methods of personal evolution and helping relationship, including reiki, yoga and meditation. As pupil of Gabriele Policardo, creator of the Biocostellazioni®, I decided to dedicate myself with love to the service of others and therefore of myself, evolution is the heritage of all souls. We are ONE.

Laura Rosicarelli bio

Is holistic operator, working with different massage and personal growth techniques. I started in Rome with the study of Ayurveda and then for various vicissitudes and for love of yoga I continued in Veneto where I currently live.

My constant search for new understandings and ways of honoring life has led me to travel and meet wonderful people all over the world, Indonesia, India, the Amazon.
The awareness of the deep connections between body, mind and spirit, which Ayurveda allowed me to discover, was strengthened with the study and application of Biocostellazioni®. A technique that, starting from the physical or behavioral symptom, recovers an interrupted movement, re-establishing the individual’s order within his belonging system.