Visionary culture: perennial and avant-garde creative philosophy

by Nikita Mikittchenko

The workshop offers an overview of the expressions, throughout history, of the one eternal truth in its thousand and one forms; from the times of the legendary Atlantis and Lemuria, crossing the Indus valley with the Arya, ancient Egypt and Greece, to reach through the European secret societies of Templars, Rosicrucian, Arcadia and Freemasonry, the Youth Cultural Revolution of the ’60s, which was the highest catalyst of Newage’s announcement, and which finds its most faceted and intense expression in the counter-cultural movement of Goa-trance. An esoteric and visionary retrospective to trace the lines, between renewal and tradition, of philosophies expressed in  forms of art that have remodeled society by infusing a new perspective, in line with human evolution, on our nature and the reality that surrounds us, recalling, in new forms, the wisdom that humans have always found looking within themselves and the natural world around them. The story of evolution is the story of Awareness, which, by opening itself to the pure vision and inspiration, is manifested through the vehicle of art by shaping culture as a source of society and its dynamics: this is the visionary culture and we are the most current expression of it!

Nikita  Mikitchenko bio

Nikita Mikitchenko alias Ohmnipresence was born in Moscow in 1987 and moved to Italy at the age of five. His interest in art soon brings him closer to humanistic studies, conducting his existential research towards the oriental philosophy and disciplines. His inspiration was for him the encounter with people of all kinds, from caricature characters to the most common people, his family, the great artists with whom he feels a special connection, his professors, Sri Aurobindo with his “Life Yoga ”, Divine Life and Tantric poetry, Drunvalo Mekizedek, David Willcock, Grag braden, The Stories and Legends on Sacred Grail, Padmasambhava, Ermete, Recent Tibetan Masters, Jodorowsky etc …. as an independent researcher wants to introduce the secular disciplines for the development of human potential in new formulas suited to the age of globalization and the “Magnificent Means”.