Traveling in the Song of the Trees

Edoardo Taori and Federica Zizzari

Creating a connection between us and the nature with the Music of Plants
In a world that is getting faster, we want to take up the time to devote to ourselves, to harmonize with the biorhythm of Nature, to nourish our sensitivity of Human Beings and the best qualities that characterize us through a special relaxation session and discovery of being driven from live music transmitted from a plant being.

Edoardo and Federica propose to lead the group on a path to Awareness of the discovery of the Sacred that resides in each of us, in order to bring it to light and express it. The experiential workshop opens with useful information to nourish the mind and the desire to know, then we will continue with a first task of opening of the heart and a creation of a state of well being and reciprocal trust.

In the second part we will explore our inner world, we will cradle and we will nourish with the energy of the Universe and elaborate our awareness in a creative and joyful way in the free expression of the body. We will use as an exploratory journey tool the visualization and a guided meditation.
It will be Federica’s voice guiding this path along with the sound directions that will be communicated to us by the plant, in fact through a biofeeback, we will translate Plant biorhythms into sound signals.

The Plant will send music notes to a digital synthesizer to stimulate through sounds our thoughts, emotions and intentions. So the biological answers that the plant will transmit through the melodies, will be the mirror of the situation which we will all live together in those moments, as plant beings are instantly influenced by our electromagnetic fields (thoughts, emotions, physical contacts). The plant beings have a large awareness, as some scientific experiments of the last century have established. They can even recognize when a person wants to hurt them or treating nice, reading it in the thoughts of the human being instantly. They can bond in emotional symbiosis with a living being who takes care of them, consciously bonding in emotional empathy even though the two subjects are thousands of miles far!

The world around us is alive and communicate with us! You just have to know how to listen to.

Edoardo Taori bio

He was born in 1985 on a mountain village between Lazio and Abruzzo called in ancient times Ponza, the current Arcinazzo Romano (IT).  Since when he was young he is looking forward to find out what is the reality that surrounds him, he practiced many sports, cultivated his artistic abilities and devotes considerable time in learning sciences. Growing up he concentrates on his studies about music composition and  the nature of sound and he is currently combining his passion for the Natural Agriculture and his education as Musicologist. Thanks to this combination, his latest works with the Music of Plants are born. He is the author of the book “Traveling in Song of the Trees “. Music and Divinatory Cards of North India and Nepal and the Documentary “The Tree of the Dragon and the Breath of Laurisilva” (“L’Albero del Drago e il Respiro della Laurisilva”).

Federica Zizzari bio

In art Kikosmica , was born on a rainy winter day in 1983 at Secli (IT), in the arid land of Salento. Since always she explores the world and relies on it through the colors, showing in this an eclectic personality. In her co-creation of beauty, she works in love and harmony with Mother Earth. Her artistic research is focused on the female universe, on the spiritual dimensions of the human being and of the nature. She is the author of the book “Traveling in the Song of the Trees”. Music and Divinatory Cards of North India and Nepal and the Documentary “The Tree of the Dragon and the Breath of Laurisilva” (“L’Albero del Drago e il Respiro della Laurisilva”)

“Viaggiando nel Canto degli Alberi” (“Traveling in the Song of the Trees”)

Edoardo Taori e Federica Zizzari Contrada Lusci, Secli, 73050 (LE)