The Spirit of the Trees

by Lucilla Satanassi e Huberto Bösch

This is an itinerant workshop in which we will meet the trees in the location of the festival, read their messages from the shape of the trunk, leaves and other parts as well as their posture and behavior and find out how they can help us in our evolution, overcoming diseases and our limits.
Starting from the “secret” life of the trees, we will discover their extraordinary characteristics and qualities. They are very evolved living creatures from which we can learn so many things. Each tree has certain archetypal characteristics that we can understand, at least partially, by a careful observation and some knowledge of plant physiognomy. Therefore we are going to meet some trees to do this together.

The trees are also diffusers of their characteristics, so, staying close to them does not only give us an energy boost, but it reinforces in us those characteristics when we connect to them. This can be very curative in all senses.
We will also see how we can choose the tree that at a given moment of our life can be of great help  and can accompany us for a piece of the pathway of our evolution.

Lucilla Satanassi bio

Grown up with a great passion for planting, she graduated in Agricultural Science with an experimental thesis on the use of herbs in agriculture. She worked as a biological engineer for AIAB. As she graduated in Herbal Medicine directs a phytopreparation laboratory before founding with Hubert “Remedia”. She teaches in various Naturopathy schools, holds seminars on herbs and is author of several books.

Hubert Bösch bio

He grew in the midst of the trees in Austria, curious and countercurrent  devoted his life to meditation,  life in nature and natural therapies. In 1975 he founded the spiritual community Lichtheimat. In 1992 with Lucilla, he founded the company “Remedia” and deals with the research in the field of health, from which the “Spirito degli Alberi” (The Spirit of Trees) was born. For over 20 years he studied invisible energies and their use.