Tarot: the Dwelling of Oneself

by Katia Ciocca

There is a magic in the Tarot that fascinates, makes curious and often surprises those who enter into this magical world; because the Tarot can explain the present, predict the future and help to elucidate the cause of the problems of the psyche.

Following Jung’s theory on symbols, we understand that the Tarot are receptors, conductors and transformers of energy. Their symbols stimulate higher intuitions, interpreted as signs.

Approached with meditative awareness, they facilitate psychological and spiritual growth, without the use of words. The Tarot provides a mean of accessing the unconscious and allows us to know where we are and where we are going.

I will present the Major Arcana through images: personalities, shapes and colors that together are able to communicate with us. It is enough to observe and listen to them

The deeper intent of the Tarot is infinite, yet difficult to reveal completely. As, however, one becomes more familiar with them, they provide a source of spiritual integration and personal autonomy.

Tarot, the dwelling of oneself because, when fully captured and instinctively felt, it opens the door to the esoteric journey towards the deeper discovery of our inner world.

Katia Ciocca bio

Following a degree in Iconology and specialization in Musical Iconography of the 1600’s, I worked at the archives in Rome and Lucca where  I carried out research in esotericism and occultism, in particular the study of Tarot cards and Tarot symbolisms as an instrument of  inner research.