Psychedelic literature: from the Books of the Dead to the Summers of Love

by Vanni Santoni

The idea behind “Psychedelic literature: from the Books of the Dead to the Summers of Love” is to provide the audience with a journey through ages of written words, bringing back to light the  entheogens role and different states of consciousness which had a great impact in the development of sacred texts as well as beloved works of poetry and fiction.

From the ancient egyptian and tibetan books of the dead to middle-age visionaries, from the hemp of Gargantua and Pantagruel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, from drug-inspired “poètes maudits” such as Baudelaire and Rimbaud to the burstling literary scene of the american psychedelic sixties, this seminar will be an exploration of the close relationship between human literary history and entheogens of all sorts.

Vanni Santoni bio

Vanni Santoni (Montevarchi, 1978), is an italian author. After his debut book “The experimental fiction” – Personaggi precari, he published his novels with the major italian publishers, such as Feltrinelli, Mondadori and Laterza, amongst which the psychedelic coming-of-age novel “Gli interessi in comune” (2008), the intertextual fantasy saga Terra ignota (2013, 2014), the memoir “Muro di casse” based on his experience in the european free tekno scene.
A frequent lecturer in Italy’s main psytrance festivals, he has written about free tekno, psytrance and the psychedelic renaissance on newspapers such as Corriere della Sera, Internazionale, Vice, and others.