Phytotherapy Iniziation workshop

by Francesca Consuelo and Sara Puglia

The human being has always sought in nature the remedies to cure their problems by relying on the powerful plants, first empirically, and subsequently more scientifically. Today it is important to know the functioning of this ancient medicine, trying to understand together what are the traditions and the scientific bases that guide the use of medicinal herbs, because only through knowledge we can freely choose which is the best way to pursue for our psycho-physics-energetics health.

The workshop will be structured in 2 two-hour meetings each.

The first workshop will provide basic information on active principles in plants, herbal preparations, and some plants related to our health.

The second workshop will focus on Lavender, to celebrate and honor the beautiful lavender at WAO Festival and it will give you the opportunity to experience, through practice and the senses, how to recognize and use officinal plants.

The topics of the seminar will be:

  • plant-based medicine. Historical considerations on the use of Medicinal Plants and reference to the scientific basis of this ancient therapeutic discipline.
  • definition of active substance, drug and phytocomplex.
  • description of some herbal preparations in relation to the method of extracting the active principles.
  • description of some of the most famous medicinal herbs in relation to the apparatus where they have effect and the disorders they treat.
  • Practical-sensory laboratory: Lavender is a great ally of our psycho-physical-energetic health.
  • the synergic links between the plant, the organs and the chakras (body & psyche union).
  • observation of some officinal herbs and recognition through our Senses.
  • basic techniques for working and using herbs; mortar and sieve as basic processing tools.
  • transformation and creation, from herbs and their active ingredients to ready-to-use medicines.

Francesca Consuelo bio

Francesca is “The Brigand Fairy of Natural Remedies”: my journey is about research, listening, life, studying of PachaMama, Mother Earth or Nature, which consists of a healing system that seeks body-psyche unity. Overcoming this ancient and fascinating world it will unveil us the uniqueness of this journey that combines healing, magical and scientific practices since we started to search of the Healing.
Francesca Consuelo “The Brigand Fairy” has been going through the path of nature for years by learning from the wise medicine women and men that still today, on the mountains and beyond, live by curing people with natural medicines and continues her education by studying at the Academy of Herbal Arts, Traditional Galenic, based on Ayurveda, herbalism and recognition of officinal plants with Sarandrea, continuing then her research and connection with Nature through the teachings of Shamanic Medicine and the ancient knowledge of the “curanderos”. Earth is her largest school.

Sara Puglia bio

Sara Puglia is a Naturopath graduated at the AICTO (International Association of Cure and Holistic Disciplines), department of chemistry at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, where she has also obtained a Master IV. She had been collaborating and working at various herbalist’s shop for many years. She studied herbalization and acknowledgment with Sarandrea and she works with herbal medicine, floriterapia (Bach) and auricotherapy.