Mandala: Weaving the Centre

by Sara Chandana Benegiamo

The seminar aims to spread the ancestral and curative art of Ojos de Dios Huicholes, native of Mexico, and mandala as universal symbols used by different cultures in the world. Ojo de Dios means “God’s Eye” which for the Huicholes people is the Sun. Donating an Ojo de Dios is equivalent to giving a protection object and wishes: “May the Eye of God watch over you and help you to see Beyond the visible reality “. Nothing prevents it from being used as a purely decorative object.

In the workshop there will be an explanation of the origin of these symbols and then build an Ojos de Dios 4-point and a 8-point mandala, of which one Ojo de Dios is the base.
Building an Ojo de Dios or a mandala is a real active meditation that connects us to the center of our being and blows away the thoughts. It is a relaxed and deep ritual that can be done in solitude or in a group and to be spread preferably through oral tradition, in order to promote exchange and contact with each other.

During the workshop we will make small meditations that will guide us in weaving, we will discover together how to choose the colors, patterns to follow and to promote our individuality within the circle. So not only weaving, but it will be also a ritual and meditative circle.
At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to build Ojo de Dios and mandala themselves and they will also be able to convey that knowledge to those who want to, spreading meditation through work with hands dancing on colored threads. During the workshop I will share what I have learned in several months, aware that “all that we do not donate, it is lost”, as an Indian proverb teaches.

This workshop has a limited number of participants.

Sara Chandana Benegiamo bio

My name is Sara but many people call me with the spiritual name: Chandana.
For several years I am practicing different meditation techniques and holistic therapies. I am Gestalt Counselor, Holistic Operator and even Blogger of conscious travels. Right after my first trip to India, during which I was deeply impressed with its colors, I discovered the ancestral technique of the Ojos de Dios and the colored weaved mandala. I felt in love with this technique so much that I immediately started to learn it, even though it took some time to create a real mandala. These colorful artifacts brought a lot of joy to my life and made a bridge for beautiful meetings, opening up to unbelievable opportunities unimaginable before.
At the present time I feel to show and share them with others with Love.