The Inexhaustible Secret – Fragments of Psychedelic Literature

by Gregorio Magini

The inexhaustible secret is an event of loud reading with a microphone of pieces of universal literature approachable to psychedelic motifs with themes, style, imaginary or otherwise.

The books look familiar and benevolent, but  think: a book is a miserable commodity that is easy to do; it is as dangerous as a weapon, especially if you do not know how to use it; it is a powerful reagent when it comes into contact with its natural counterpart, the mind. It feels easy for a book that knows its own, throwing you into magical terror, as well as showing you heavenly splendor, or making you laugh until you can.


The books, in short, when you look at them, can turn your brain upside down. At a festival you are having fun, dancing, exploring unusual possibilities, making profound experiences. It is true that reading in the caos is difficult, but we have seen people studying quantum physics under a Funktion-One sound system … I believe that a random encounter with literature, in such an intense, demanding context, can be a spark that gives birth to a new idea. That’s why I will propose a selection of pieces that will open the mind.

During the reading/performance, ecological paper “booklets” of the selections will be distributed to all people which will come over and there will be interaction games, such as the “human microphone”.

Gregorio Magini bio

Gregorio Magini was born in Florence in 1980. By day programmer, by night writer, he invented the method SIC – Collective Industrial Writing with which he produced the novel with two hundred and twenty hands ‘In enemy territory’ (minimum fax 2013). His first novel is ‘The Stone Family’ (Round Robin 2010). He published stories on the most important Italian literary blogs, including Nazione Indiana, Primo amore e minima et moralia. From 2000 to 2006 he founded and directed the literary magazine ‘Monster’. He loves the incredible things.