Fermentation: a Way to Reclaim our Rights to Wellness

by Sandra Duuren and Alessandro Cocco

In our vision fermentation is a way of reclaiming our rights to healthy food. An act of empowerment or even rebellion. Rebellion against a system that makes it increasingly difficult for its population to have access to healthy and real food. Fermenting foods and eating them gives us the opportunity to be in charge of our own health. We believe that a big part of being healthy lies within the food we consume.

Our society has developed in a way of putting the authority of our health outside of ourselves. Not only does a doctor decide whether or not we are sick and how we are to get better, we have lost contact with our food. Food production is done by farmers and big corporations out of  sight and often not even on the same continent. They decide how they grow this food, what pesticides and antibiotics are used, how much space it gets or how the soil is treated. The consumer doesn’t really have a say in the matter. For many of us food preparation is done by companies that use machines tucked away in factories. The methods they use, the additives, the ingredients and preservation are barely known to the consumer. Distancing ourselves from our food and subsequently our health, or vice versa, this left many of us with little confidence when it comes to these matters. Many people do not know how to grow food, how to prepare food for consumption or what healthy choices are for them.

Eating live cultured foods fuels your body with good bacteria and enzymes that keep your gut in optimal condition and enhance your immune system. Certain foods are better digestible after fermentation and in other foods the process of fermentation will help in releasing vitamins and minerals. We are not saying that ferments are miracle workers or a cure for any illness, but they will aid you and your body to stay healthy. In our opinion it is better to nurture our health continuously instead of trying to cure ourself when the damage is done. When we ferment we are in charge. We decide what is good for us, we decide what we put in that glass jar, we decide how it is preserved. A fermenting practice strengthens our relationship with food and reconnects us with it. Who knows, this new confidence might even lead us to get involved further in our health and diet. We might start growing our own vegetables, get informed on what happens out there to our seeds, crops and animals or learn more about cooking and healthy choices. It is our goal to show you there is nothing scary about cultured food; anyone can do it and it is healthy and very tasty!

Sandra Duuren bio

Sandra was born and raised in Breda, the Netherlands. She has been a free spirit since the day she was born, always willing to go out into the world and discover as much as she could. She appreciates the raw beauty of nature greatly and has a profound interest in human behaviour. Many travels and different studies guided her way toward where she is today. She has a bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology and is a certified Lifecoach. She didn’t have to think long when Alessandro asked her to move to Sardegna with him. Su Ferreri is a combination of many of her dreams and interests.

Alessandro Cocco bio

Alessandro grew up in Cagliari in the south of Sardinia. He has always felt a strong connection to the island, its nature and its mystic history. Another important connection to him is music, he can get lost in rhythms, vibrations and tones hours at a time. After a period of traveling and studying abroad he felt it was time to return to his beloved island in 2015. Since his return he has been working day and night together with his lover Sandra to transform the heritage of his fathers family into a school of life.