Eden: the Garden of Delights

by Nita Clown and Tigrotto Animalesque

Sexuality is a land of interest and research for an ever-growing number of people. From the “Throne Games” of Italian governments, to the battles of the most radical movements, from Hollywood sadomasochist to independent and avant-garde artistic projects: enjoyment and perversion occupy the happy and disgusting center of the scene after centuries of imprisonment in the shadow of the darkrooms and of taboos.

But do we really live in an era of liberation?

Capitals are dissolved in pilates classes, aloe vera abuse ..: the relationship with body, pleasure and happiness seems to be a frontier of struggle and daily discovery for lots of us.

In this small workshop experiment, we will go through the themes of the body, freedom, insanity, and power with the indeterminacy of metaphors and irreverence of the game. We will talk, we will laugh, dance and we will touch. We will explore erotic desires and limits in theatrical exercises and small Tantric experiments. We will attack the center of biopolitical domination with fantasy shots and self-determination and we will emerge more powerful and wild. We will exercise our attention, listening, intuition and sensitivity in a collective and creative journey into a Nature no longer Mother but Lover …

We will discuss together about pleasure, out of every morality and tradition.

We will celebrate our wonderfully imperfect bodies beyond any stereotype or standard.

We will gratefully welcome every instrument that can be useful: from feminism the tension to consensus; from the ecosessuality  falling in love with nature and antispecism, from the poetics of clown the lightness, irony and the acceptance of yourself and the others; from the tantra some techniques and exercises that will lead us to build a space of intimacy, a relational and political space, fleeting, unpredictable and anarchic … as our desires.

Warnings: The pleasure is revolutionary and the freedom is contagious!

You do not have to have a partner or take off your clothes to attend!

Nita clown bio

Nita Clown is activist and buffoon queer, clown from birth, I have refined comic instruments through personal failures and unsuitable slips. Graduated at the “Ecole des clown – Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallèe” in Rome, I have studied mime and comedy in schools and theaters in Italy and Europe, and then applied the knowledge gained to the themes that I am passionate about: gender, sexuality, freedom. For some years I have started to create workshops and performances that I present mostly in underground and avant-garde art environments, where I have the opportunity to meet other brave explorers who do not fear the ridiculous, taboo and the uncomfortable truth.