Earthships, Freedom and Dignity: a radical sustainable Revolution

by Patrick Lunt


This workshop will explain the fundamental principles of the Earthships system and it will possible to learn how to live off the grid (Off-Grid). The public will be invited to experience how homes can become like trees, how to give and take from the Earth according to a regenerative cycle.

The Earthships are the highlight of an active movement for radical sustainability founded on principles of permaculture and alternative economies. These eco-substainable structures were born 40 years ago from the American architect Michael Reynolds’ vision. His first experiments included the use of cans, then tire and recycled bottles, integrated with raw earth, clay, wood and straw, to create cost-effective, durable and increasingly efficient buildings from an energetic point of view. Over the years several factors such as mass, gravity, water, food and the regenerative power of plants have been grouped to create these beautiful, robust and functional eco-substainable homes at affordable prices and totally independent.

40 people can build a house for 4 people in a month.

Part 1
The six principals of Earthships:
1. They collect water
2. They treat sewage
3. They grow their own food
4. They are made from recycled materials (used tyres and bottles)
5. They generate their own power
6. They self-heat and the self-cool

Part 2
What Offgrid Italia is doing as an association here in Italy including our work in Brescia, Torino and Florence including Re-Land and Offgrid University project.

Part 3
The potential for majority world builds.  Starting with our experience building in Burkina Faso and following on from projects in Nepal and Annemasse we will use simple technologies and Earth Phenomena to impact people’s lives for the better.

Patrick Lunt bio

Patrick graduated in Environment and Development Master degree at the Manchester University where he studied “Ecology and Liberation Methods to thrive in harmony with the environment”. After seeing “Garbage Warrior”, he decides to have an experience as a volunteer for “Earthship Biotecture” in Malawi in 2013 and attended the Academy in Taos the following year. In 2016 he built a tyre / glass bottle dome in Northern Italy and lead an Earthbag build in Burkina Faso. This year he is working on two Earthship projects: a school house in Nepal and a Refugee centre in Annemasse.