How to build a Flex-yurt !

by Roulotte Fai da Te

“Creating your own house” in the dominant western society can sound hard: you need concrete, foundations, straight angles and all what is necessary to get best comfort.. at a high price, making this an almost impossible investmet to hold up.

For those who have the nomadic and handy soul (or not, you will see that it’s accessible to all),

there is the Flex-Yurt !

A Flex-yurt is a light yurt made with bamboos, flexible.

There are 3 heights : mini, normal and big.

When the normal Flex-yurt is unfolded it measures 3.5meters in diameter.

When it’s fold back 60cm in diameter.

It weights 60kg.

It is a house :

– transportable in a long car

– portable by 2 persons

– 1 hour to set up and dismantle (with tarpaulin protection)

– for a maximum cost of 29€ and a drill!

In this workshop we will explain how to build it and will show our works.

Roulotte Fai Da Te bio

Our crew, the Roulotte Fai Da Te, had his first trip to Italia in April 2017 in Aquila where there were earthquakes in 2016.

Our goal was to show what it is possible to do with natural and recycled materials… so we putted on a trailer and a truck a flex-yurt, a solar cooker, a rocket stove, a phyto-purification system (water-treatment plant), a vertical garden (with pallet). We were 8 people (5 adults and 3 children) and we went to Aquila to teach people this simple but smart tools for simple and free living.

We also took with us DVD and flyers to make information on how to cultivate spirulin, about women health, etc. and for sure how to build a anti seismic house.

And now, we planned to go in Italy, Spain and Morocco to share what we learnt and practice in our lives  about self-sufficiency and when it’s possible to make products with local resources, because this time we will travel without vehicles in order to not create pollution.