ReTribe Circle

The ReTribe Circle

On the top of the mountain there is a magic place, the circle where we meet as a new tribe in a deep connection of souls. The reTribe Circle is a portal where the blend of ancestral elements with contemporary feelings opens the perception to an exploration of our inner space.

We gather to share a wide brotherhood that trascendes borders and boundaries, as the music we listen to. We are the new nomadic sound tribes going through global soundscapes, feeding of cross cultural influences, enjoying that feeling of unity that music gives us.  A journey into the deep time and the wide space of our roots.

We love the fusion of traditional, folkloric and organic with the electronic sound. This year we are really excited to host some of the best artists of this new musical wave, representing labels such as ZZK Records, Sonido Tròpico, Wonderwheel Recordings, Chinese Man Records, Tropical Twista Records, Galletas Calientes Records, Global Hybrid Records, LOKD, Frente Bolivarista, KONN Records, Deep Bali Records, Oxhalà Records just to name a few.

The ReTribe Stage will be playing World, Tribal, Tropical, Cumbia, Balcan, AfroLatin, Nu Folk, Jazz, Fusion, Bass, Dub, Glitch, Chill, Techno, Break Beat and more.

reTribe is a collective project working year round on cultural events, promoting world electronic music and new tribal arts.

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