Alternative stage and Chillout

The Kunaluna Circle

On the top of the mountain there is a magical space, the circle in which we meet like a new tribe in deep connection of souls. Kunaluna Circle is the portal where the fusion of ancestral elements and contemporary consciousness opens the perception to the exploration of our inner space. We come together to share a broad brotherhood that transcends limits and boundaries, like the music we listen to.

We are the new nomadic sound tribes that traverse global soundscapes, feeding on multicultural influences and enjoying the sense of unity that music gives us. A journey through the deep time and vast space of our roots. We love the fusion of traditional, folkloric and organic music with electronic sound.

This year we are really excited to host some of the best artists of this new musical movement, represented by labels and collectives like Còmeme, Moontribe Collective, Voodoohop, White Swan Records, Sol Selectas, Frente Bolivarista, Global Hybrid Records, Chill Mountain, Raices, O’Tawa, Muzo, Folcore Records, Metanoia, LOKD and Serafin just to name a few.

The Kunaluna Circle will play World, Tribal, Tropical, Cumbia, Balcan, AfroLatin, Nu Folk, Jazz, Fusion, Bass, Dub, Glitch, Chill, Techno, Break Beat and more.

Kunaluna is a project that deals with cultural events, promoting electronic music with world influences and new tribal arts.


  • Matias Aguayo CL
  • Dandara CH
  • Liquid Bloom USA
  • ShazaLaKazoo SRB
  • Treavor Moontribe USA
  • Iorie DE
  • Rafael Aragon FR
  • Coss DE
  • Ground JP
  • Holed Coin SP
  • Piccaya BE
  • M@kossa IT
  • Kaöb + Wakhan FR
  • Fanfara Electronica FR
  • Glauco di Mambro IT
  • Ayamoon IT
  • Lady Maru IT
  • Fabrizio Sala IT
  • Yeahman FR
  • Ion Din Anina SP
  • Ah Yeah UK
  • Bété HU
  • Dj Palosanto SP
  • Nirso BR
  • Makwena SE
  • Ki Ya Tori JP
  • Granha SP
  • Selk.nam SP
  • Onssa FR
  • Lune IT
  • Nami IT
  • Winny IT
  • Tohm FR
  • Piccaya BE
  • Pedro Baloon IT
  • Adrian F. IT
  • Kyo IT
  • Feli Pe IT
  • Ka:lu IT
  • Marek IT
  • Psylocke IT
  • Kapitano IT
  • Ital Noiz IT
  • Gianni C IT
  • Andy Shakty IT
  • Klauko IT
  • Pulao IT
  • The Interstellar Overdrive IT
  • Tala IT
  • Apeneste IT