WAO Festival 2017

Visionary Ecotecture Gathering
Alternative stage | Chillout & more

Alternative stage | Chillout & more

Alternative Stage, un viaggio che parte dalla chillout e si evolve in nuove direzioni.

Viviamo nell’era del grande allineamento galattico fra la Terra, il Sole e il centro della nostra galassia. Come gli astri si dispongono in nuovi schemi, così anche la musica si sta evolvendo in nuove direzioni e configurazioni, che ridisegnano l‘universo della musica elettronica all’alba del nuovo millennio.

Dalle coste dei paesi affacciati sull’Oceano Pacifico nuove sonorità stanno sorgendo, influenzate dal mood della psichedelica ma assolutamente fresche ed innovative. La fusione sperimentale di sonorità acustiche ed elettroniche daranno luogo al panorama musicale della chillout. Un giardino dove le installazioni naturali si fonderanno con opere d’arte d’avanguardia, in un’attenta integrazione tra natura e tecnologia volta creare suggestioni extrasensoriali. Un luogo privilegiato dove il volume della musica agevolerà la contemplazione e l’interazione, la comunicazione verbale e lo scambio di conoscenze ed esperienze.

La musica che proporremo in questo luogo dello spirito sarà un viaggio che porterà il visitatore tra le inebrianti e innovative sonorità che animano i festival dalla California alla Nuova Zelanda. Bass, dub, glitch, world music, jazz, fusion e sperimentale riempiranno i cuori di gioia in un melting pot di emozioni e basse frequenze.

Live Concerts


    Fusiуn Etno Trance
    Fusiуn Etno Trance

    Our Project it´s based in the cross among the ethnic and contemporary instrumentalization, chants inspirated on varied ancestral cultures and natural sounds. All this it´s assembly with rhythms and resources that belongs to the world of the electronic music.

    The Rütrance show offer an scenic experience that introduce us in a ritual dimension, inviting the public to a trip through the sound, the dance, the visual, and the fusion between the tribalism and the organic trance.

    The proposal takes the ritual components of the trance concept, searching to inmerse the people in a dreaming state, with hypnothic and progressive features, diving in a constant movement of sensations and sound landscapes.

    Inspired in various cosmovisions of ancestral cultures, this trip is coupled to the transmission of a message that appeals to the sensibility of the relationship between the human and the nature.


    Zelkova Tree Records
    Zelkova Tree Records

    Live acoustic organic trance artist.

    keyaki narusawa from Japan based in Belgium, started at early age getting addicted to the magic of Rock,Soul,Funk,World music and Electric Dance music.

    After the DJ or Band experience,he began playing tribal traditional instruments from 1999.
    He went to west Africa to learn basic african rhythm Djembe, Dunun 2010.

    During his traveling around world as street musician from 2008 until 2013, he found his own way to show acoustic trance live music with new instrumental and skill.

    He start to play in the festival in Europe to build up his career after start live Belgium from 2013, which is Buskers festival, Street art festival, Yoga festival, or as opening act at Psytrance festival.

    He released 2 full album and 1 digital mini album already.

    Some songs were used by documentary film in Spain 2012.

    -Album "floating rapture2.0" was used as BGM of documentary "Spanish film industry" 2014.
    -Live sound effect "JUNKO MAEDA PARIS COLLECTION S / S 2015" in 2014 and 2015.


  • NAAN
    Shanti Planti Records
    Shanti Planti Records

    Always active in mixing his abilities in different combinations, Naan performs various kinds of show, very effective also for opening or closing the dance floor:

    CHill Out Dj: glad to play as much as possible Naan moves trough many chillout subgenres, spacing in a range from 65 to 140 bpm and always delivering on time mixes, he uses also his own tunes for over 10 hrs of music for all kind of situation, from sleepy atmospheres to moving uptempo beats. This makes him a reliable long endurance dj.

    Hang Show: NAAN'S HANGVENURE 2013

    Back from a long and blissful journey, Naan melted his experiences with music, giving the listener the fruits and the flavours of his trip. Involving Tibetan bells Hangventure 2013 offers a magical journey through the frequencies sacred to Mother Earth: a liquid flow of music that moves freely through the soul and cleanses your heart for an always-new adventure where the musician is actually just listening.

    Psy Trance Dj: on the way for his own live set, Naan is always ready to play forest, twilight, morning trance or progressive, choosing every track according to the feelings, the situation and the dancefloor, in a range of bpm from 150 to 130 for hours of psy-vibes and always in the mood for another one! The dish is enriched with his own productions, making every show original, always deeply psychedelic and filled with light inside, even in the darkest mix!


    Blue Hour Sounds
    Blue Hour Sounds

    Lo.Renzo is the brainchild of Lorenzo Mantovani born in February of 2014

    Already active as guitarist in different bands which range from folk to rock, metal to funky he decided to combine love for psychedelic music with voice of the Sarangi, discovered during a trip in India.

    After played his first live for a dark ambient event he started to expand his soundscape including a lot of instrument in his production such as guitar, banjo, hangdrum and many more

    His live performances moves from dreamlike atmosphere to strong rhythmic parts enriched by the amazing sound of Sarangi.


    Gaia Records
    Gaia Records

    Forest Flowers is a Psy-Chill group composed by two boys from Trani .

    The idea behind the project is the union of abstract and digital sounds with the real and nature sounds.

    In fact in their live set the Forest Flowers combine electronic instruments such as Synth and Drum Machine with more conventional instruments such as guitars, violins, flutes and percussions.

    Then all is pervaded by sampling sounds of nature for a great psychedelic experience.


    Terra Matta
    Terra Matta

    Matteo De Filippi (Matthew Reharmony, Matthew World Music) Ricercatore nell’ambito del suono, fisioterapista, osteopata, ideatore del Metodo Harmony e dell’Healing Harmony Concert.

    Lungo il suo cammino incontra numerosi maestri Sakou Abdoulaye Kande Senegal percussioni Africane; Tran Quan Gai - Vietnam, canto armonico; Andrea Capitani - Didgeridoo, dai quali apprende le tecniche che caratterizzano i suoi concerti e Seminari.

    Nel corso dei viaggi in Senegal, Sahara, Tibet, Cina , Thailandia approfondisce la conoscenza della musica intesa come espansione dimensionale e unione con la Madre Terra.


    Oghnesto Self-productions
    Oghnesto Self-productions

    The independent project Humandala Sound System moved its first steps in Rome between '99 and 2000, a one-man-band featuring many stimulating collaborations. Feeding on electronic, industrial, ambient, funk, jazz and blues, it generates back ALWAYS musical contaminations. Tracks emerge and take shape form long jam sessions. Loops & improvisation are crucial components, also during public live performances: they're blended in a unique, psychedelic way, every time. Musically speaking, this is the Humandala* concept. Enjoy!


    Dub System
    Dub System
    Try to add some panel text for this employee 😉

    The General Brothers is a music band founded by Angelo Esposito and Andrea Esposito, two brothers from Naples, Italy. They started off as an acoustic rock/folk duo in 2012. An obsessing love for music and an unstoppable need for rock n roll and togetherness.

    Angelo is the rhythm guitar player and lead voice. He is the author of The General Brothers original music.
    Andrea plays the piano, harmonica, percussions and is the second voice of the duo.

    They have been playing gigs and performing everywhere they could around Italy, mostly in Rome and Milan, playing original and cover songs.

    The General Brothers’ influences are wide and various, from rhythm and blues to rock ‘n’ roll, country, funky to reggae, from traditional African music to old school hip hop, but also electronic and psychedelic-trance and dub.
    Their performances are very colorful and entertaining; they embrace all kinds of music and vibes and mix them together with a new and unique style and energy.

    In 2014 Angelo started writing original songs for The General Brothers, composing music and writing lyrics, and playing them all around with his brother.

    In summer 2014 bass guitar player Leonardo Giuntini joins The General Brothers in a trio. They play together in summer shows in Rome and participate at Ferrara Buskers Festival as a guest band.

    In 2015, as Angelo’s songwriting goes on, they decide to get in the studio and record their first album named “The General Brothers”. It was self-released and auto-produced at Maxx Minoia’s Studios in Rome, with artistic producer Max Minoia, and special participation of guitarist Phil Palmer on two tracks. The album contains seven original songs and is the take-off step for The General Brothers.

    After summer 2015 Angelo meets guitarist Riccardo Garcìa and drummer Umberto Lupo who decide to join the band. They all share a strong passion and love for music. They start playing together and creating a new and more complete sound. The magic happens and The General Brothers band is born and ready to play and rock everywhere, anytime.

    They want to spread their music and spirit around the world, get the people together singing and dancing and feeling all right.


Live Sets


    Planet Earth Records
    Planet Earth Records



    First,I have to thank you all for supporting Eat Static over the years,whether you're a new fan,or old...it has been my great pleasure to bring you crazy music that you seem to appreciate and to always be interested in,no matter WHAT i throw at ya! I'm always amazed at how deep some of this stuff touches you...so thank you all!

    Right,loads of you are probably wondering about the new elusive album..i can tell ya now,it's well on the way to being done,and it will definitely be a double album..it might even be pressed on vinyl as well this time,budgets permitting..
    CD 1 will feature more of the up-tempo banging tunes ,YES,there's some techno,YES,there's some Drum n Bass and YES,there is plenty of QUALITY 'ALIEN INFUSED' Trance..the mission with all the tracks this time,was to show that albums's are very much alive and well and STILL the most important thing to me and the main reason i have continued with Eat Static all these years..
    CD 2 will be a full length experimental downtempo offering.... you have been warned! I have recorded this album the old school way... ie - isolation,lots of old gorgeous analogue synths,and taking every single track as far as i could,with experimentation and trying new idea's out..I wanted to push forwards and make music worthy of the 21st century..consequently,it's THE most 'Static' sounding album since the early days...no commercial pressure,just pure love,sweat and literally,tears....both these CDs are VERY personal this time and every single tune on there has a part of my genetic code within it...

    You may also be interested to know that i have done a couple of collaborations for this release..for the banging trance stuff, i have Laughing Buddha,Chris Rich and Martian Arts all guesting..and boy, did we let loose! And on the downtempo stuff, I've worked with Georgina Brett,who specialises in Vocal Looping techniques and makes amazing ethereal music,Robbert Heijnen - former member of Psychick Warriors of Gaia and founder member of Exquisite Corpse, and Mik Singh, a new name on the scene..the sessions all went so well,i am already discussing do more with these characters..sublime!

    Also,there are some BIG anniversary shows planned to celebrate lasting this long and still being alive! Static is headlining some major festivals this summer,including BOOM festival in Portugal,Antaris in Germany,Sun Festival in Hungary,Lost Theory in Croatia,TIP festival in Israel,Off the Tracks in the UK,No Mans Land - Uk,and maybe even another Glastonbury might be on the cards..wherever i end up,I hope to see some of you,out and about...

    Some of you may also know,i did a few sample packs this past year,working alongside 2 of the top companies,Sample Magic and Loopmasters...be sure to check those out if you make music yourself...a lot of very 'unique' sounding samples are waiting for ya...

    Unless you have been living in a cave,you probably know i have also been doing regular radio slots for Radiozora..these will continue at roughly the rate of 2 a month,as i enjoy doing these immensely..and they seem to be going down better and better each month...so keep tuning in and i promise you're always going to hear interesting music plus loads of stuff from the golden ages of dance and beyond..i knew there was a reason i bought all those albums!

    Rumours for the future: Next album to follow the anniversary release is looking like a follow up to 'Back to Earth' with our good friends 'Interchill Records'..this album was so popular,they asked me back to record another one..it's gonna be a much different affair as i HATE to repeat myself! I shall be working alongside some wacky bizarre sounding musicians for that one,so watch out for that one in the future...

    I am also planning a new musical project,something with a much more old school vibe,and getting away from the trance to explore tribal rhythms and old school acid house..i also want to explore the possibilities of jamming whole gigs free style,with this stuff...watch this space!

    Transmission sent!


    Sofa Beats / Iboga Rec
    Sofa Beats / Iboga Rec

    21 years of age, from Denmark.
    I can't really describe the music i make. Organic & Experimental for sure! Take a listen to it, and decide for yourself.


    Illegal Art
    Illegal Art

    Økapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist and sample cutup artist. Filippo has recorded several solo albums, as well as recording in the duo Metaxu and with the trio Dogon. He has performed live for national Italian State radio broadcasts (RAI) with renowned avant-turntablist, Christian Marclay and collaborates with numerous international artists such as Mike Cooper, Peter Brotzmann, Mike Patton, Matt Gustafson, Zu, Damo Suzuki, Andy EX, Kawabata Makoto, Metamkine…

    ØKapi's album releases illustrate his unique and edgy use of turntables and computer beyond the hip-hop school of chopped up music, creating music that veers from orchestral to lounge with quirky experimental electronics that maintain a delicate and spacious sound throughout.

    His amazing skills at sample mixing are simply outstanding and during Okapi live sets he mixes: techno/broken beat/electro-/8-bit with melodies from Klezmer, polka, children's music, idiot pop and hawaiian classics to name but a few.....


    Sofa Beats
    Sofa Beats

    From Portugal, daniel & henriq got together in 2003 to create Zen Baboon and latter @zen-racoon for their techno approach.

    With several EPs and tracks on VA compilations, their first album Suber was released on Electrik Dream records in 2013.

    Mexico and Japan, Boomfestival and Ozora are just a few of the countries and venues they've attended.


    Sofa Beats
    Sofa Beats

    daniel & henriq are from Portugal and got together in 2003 to create Zen Baboon and latter Zen Racoon for their techno approach.

    With several tracks on VA compilations, their first album Suber was released on Electrik Dream records in 2013.

    They have played in major parties and festivals like Boomfestival (Pt), Hadra (Fra), Ozora (Hungary), Sonica (It), Kupuri (Mexico), Freedom (Pt) and Pyramid (Japan).


  • D-THER
    Grasshopper Records / Fleye Records
    Grasshopper Records / Fleye Records

    D-THER is the solo project of Belgian producer Diether Verheyen. He started going to music school at the age of 8 where he practiced playing the piano and drums. At the age of 12 he stopped going to music school but always kept the interest in music. Always looking for powerful music, he found his way into the Psy-Trance scene. His music can best be described as powerful Psychedelic Trance. After a few years of producing in the studio, he introduced himself and his music into the Belgian Psytrance scene and he already had the opportunity to play at different parties and festivals all over Belgium and Europe. After two smashing EP releases on GreenTree Records & Profound Records, he was invited by GRASSHOPPER RECORDS to join the family! People around the globe are getting excited about his future releases!


  • D.O.C.
    D-Noir Rec. / Free Spirit Foundation
    D-Noir Rec. / Free Spirit Foundation

    Dario Ricci aka D.O.C was born in Rome in 1986. Known as "D-Rix", began his career in 2008, becoming one of the resident artists of Shanti, the most important psytrance party in Roman´s scene. In 2010 he graduated as sound engineer and sound designer. In 2014 he give at "DOC" his live project, the result of 'production extremism of psychedelic electronic music, surrounded by sounds' and rhythmic obscure and complex. Over the years, Dario has played in numerous party in Italy and abroad in the company of internationally renowned artists.


    TechYes Records / Alternating Beats
    TechYes Records / Alternating Beats
  • RE:SET
    Additech Records
    Additech Records

    The vision: to explore the hidden territories of the capabilities of perception in electronic musicality, turning the listening into a physical experience while aspiring to stimulate intellect and imagination through the big picture.

    After earning his degree at the famed 'Italian Institute of Music Technologies' of Rome in sound design/engineering, Francesco Luigi Lenci aka Re:Set, subsequently moved to the music mecca of Berlin in 2012, where his passion took root in a multi-prong assault on speakers worldwide.

    His glitch-hop and bass-tinged live and dj sets have been the highlight of festivals such as Freqs of Nature by full Moon, Odyssee, Modem, Feel and Electropolis while his remixes and original works under the name of Re:Set and Cooked Audio have been appreciated internationally, and have been published by labels such as Addictech, Adapted, Looney Moon Experiment, Ammunition, Irma, Rub-a-duck, Sostanze, Subculture Music, Certified Bass and many more.

    In addition to his own music production, he served as Sound Engineer/Sound Designer for a number of artists and events. Those include: Biennale di Venezia, Univerisity of Rome “la Sapienza”, Ryan Paris,
    Freqs of Nature Festival, Premier Sound bank, Unit Records, Rare Noise Records, ADSR, Chat Noir and many more.

    As Addictech stated regarding his latest productions “Put all these tracks together, and you have a compelling case as to why Francesco Luigi Lenci
    is one of the most mind-bending bass producers in the game today.”


    Occultech Rec. / Zenon Rec.
    Occultech Rec. / Zenon Rec.

    'Egomorph' is a project born in 2014 by Andy Smile (Andrea) that try to combine structural elements of Minimal Techno music to the more psychedelic sounds and electronic of Psy-Trance, trying not to get confused in the vast of the electronic music scene, thus creating precise stylistic imprint. Andy takes part in the scene of minimal techno in 2009, by releasing for labels like Simplex, INminimax, Empedo and being played by artists such as Umek, Axwell, Presslaboys, Mike Wall and others. Music has always been his passion and he listens and loves many other genres as well as what he produces.

    Lethal Dose


    Purple Hexagon Records
    Purple Hexagon Records

    Gianpiero Fiorelli aka Flowertz sembra nascere prima come produttore e poi come essere umano, percorre la sua breve storia su questo pianeta immerso nell'ascolto di qualsiasi tipologia di suono o musica passando dal metal, rock, psychedelia, elettronica, alla world music approdando ai 37 anni con una particolare connessione per sonorità world, dub beat, etniche e psychedeliche.

    Il primi approcci con la musica psy etno chill iniziano nel 2000, suonando come resident dj nelle più importanti realtà musicali del panorama romano come Chimera, Free spirit foundation.

    Matematico, ingengere del suono, grande appassionato di filosofie orientali lo portano alla continua ricerca del perfetto connubio tra passato e presente, tra classicismo e innovazione il suo stile è emozionale, profondo e colorato. Le atmosfere sono altamente percussive, lateralmente melodiche e profondamente positive.

    Il suo primo lavoro “Synchronicity” è la realizzazione di un sogno personale, solo attraverso l'arte e le sincronicità l'uomo può riuscire a connettersi con l'inconscio collettivo per una vera realizzazione del proprio “se”.


    D.Noir Records
    D.Noir Records

    Sonork is the palindrome of Kronos ,TIME in ancient greek language. This project started in a computer on a table in a guest house in Goa- India in the first days of 2k15.

    It follows the fouth dimension in the opposite direction . It's a parallel project of a psychedelic producer .
    Trance not because of BPM

    For any other details stay tuned and wait,they will appear !
    Enjoy this trip !


  • IOON
    Cosmic Downtempo
    Cosmic Downtempo

    IooN is the musical form of expression of Jonny Galluccio a very free and barefooted soul landed from outer space in 1984,soon became fascinated by the chill out side of psychedelic music for its sublimely mystical qualities.

    He began crafting his own style, aiming for a deep tribal experience evoking a slow-paced progression into a dimension of inner peace.


DJ Sets


    Merkaba Crew
    Merkaba Crew

    Hi, my name is Claudio Mantoan aka PurioDj, i was born in Italy 10 May 1985,
    I have know psytrance music in 2002 and from there i fell in love. After a lot of parties and festivals i decided to start playing, so,my project was born in 2009 in a piedmont's valley (Italy). I love to play fullon morning, night and psychedelic, it depends by the time table.

    In 2011 i founded MERKABA CREW and we have collaborated with a lot of italian and international crew (Psytronic, Looney moon, Blacklite recorsd, Shanti, Odyssee festival, Wao festival, Quarion tribe, Semantik Om, Pobic crew, Trancemission Old school project, and more).

    We organize musical and cultural events, with art gallery, work shop and ofter with all types of psytrance music! I am also the manager of Taurus Connection festival, which is celebrated in may. Furthermore i played in a lot of events: Odyssee2016 (Berlin) - Future Nature Festival 2013 (Crozia) - Moon Montain Festival 2014 (Thailand) - Ban Sabay Club 2014 (Ko Phangan Thailand) Rotta su Goa Festival 2011,2012 (Italy) – Geotermica 2016 (Italy) in other party indor and outdor, for different crew; in France, Spain, south and north Italy.

    I follow one chillout project with electric violin, bass and djset, another balafon (African strument), and i play electroswing djset.

    Good listening Boom


    Own Spirit Records
    Own Spirit Records

    Psygroo (1984, Lleida) progressive psytrance, psychill & psytrance artist, finds out the world electronic music during the begining of the new millennium. At first he was seduced by techno scene, but attending one of the most important psychedelic meetings, Boom Festival 2006, when he really discovered his real passion: progressive psytrance. His musical taste gets amplified, psychedelia catches him and he begins to work hard to lead with his sets the same state of meditation that trance provokes.

    His obsession has been always to become transmitter of the powerful force that music has to alter our states of consciousness and to set us free. Since then, his brights and surroundings sets have sounded in many festivals around the world like: Hadra Trance Festival (France), Kupuri Festival (Mexico), Plur Festival (Greece), Back To Nature Festival (Turkey), River Flow Festival (Greece), Connection Festival (Spain), Bioritmo (Spain), Own Spirit Festival (Spain).

    An adventurous spirit and the determination to contribute and enrich the spanish psytrance scene led him in 2014 to found the Own Spirit collective and a year later the label with the same name, already it has interesting artists and a place in the psytrance scene.

    With Own Spirit collective he has materialized one of his greatest wishes: created psichedelic meetings. They have worked together to do possible two years Own Spirit Festival, a mixture of their love for music and alternative therapies. This trip is in progress and new adventures will bring us for our pleasure!


    Alternating Beats / WoodMood
    Alternating Beats / WoodMood

    Pier aka PEDROINE was born in Southern Italy in 1983, already in teenage years developed his interest in music and visual art in all its forms.

    He began as a writer to undertake expressive way flanked by passion for electronic music transmitted by older brother, so approaching to djing in self-taught.

    He moved to Milan in 2000 and intrigued by the new Underground movements of the metropolis, he was stimulated in continuing his way, extending it through the search for innovative sound.

    He discovered the Psy-Trance, genre and movement that overwhelmed him so much that he decided to transfer all that to his friends, creating Psycholab, one of the first crew psytrance present in Puglia.

    Was born PEDROINE selecter Forest, Morning Forest, Darkprog, Psytechno, PsyBreaks, Psygressive, PsyDub, Downtempo and Chill.

    In 2005 he moved to Turin where met Peyo, a well-known Dj and producer psytrance who integrated him in the TRANCEMISSION PROJECT actile in Italy since 1996.

    He began his psychedelic path through several parties in Italy playing with important guests as Principles of Flight, Lanuaria, Gaiana, Mark Day, Antispin, Aes Dana, Dickster, Jazzmine, LucaBlue etc...

    In 2008 he knows Icebreaker, dj crew of Mad Faktory in Turin. They started to set many electronic collaborations, that became more and more consolidated and strong till they built a real band of djs and performers, TRONIXX, organinzing parties and playing with artists like Far too loud, Electrixx, Fukkk off, Belzebass, Crystal distortion, Electrobug, Calvertron, Dilemn, Hedflux, Maskk Kernel Panik, Bare Noize, Pelussje, Karasho, Skism, Koan Sound, Cyberpunkers, Dope DOD.

    In 2013 he decided to abandon the TRONIXX project to dedicate himself to his real and concrete passion with TRANCEMISSION and ALTERNATING BEATS, a new project "psychedelic alternative" that mixture visionary art and sound psybreaks, psytechno e darkprog, organizing parties with guests like Hedflux, Kliment, Master Margherita, Neurodriver, Too Dusty, Blue Hours Sound, Looney Moon, etc...

    In 2014 PEDROINE is back on stage with success organizing NEMETON, Festival openair branded Trasmission Project and Alternative Beats with guests BlueHourSound Rec, Looney Moon Rec, Blacklite Rec. and Merkaba Crew.
    In 2015 with Alternating Beats organize TRANSAHARA TEASER FESTIVAL w/ Kliment, Master Margherita, Jazzmine and ILLUSIONS w/ Looney Moon.

    In 2016 born a "new pirate forest tribe" WOOD MOOD ...

    Stay tuned!!!


    Free Spirit Foundation
    Free Spirit Foundation
    Blue Hour Sounds
    Blue Hour Sounds

    Blue Hour Sounds is a psychedelic Trance and Chillout label based in Italy. It all started in 2009, from a creative union between two lovers, music seekers and dancers who passionately manage the label with the need to create an important point of reference for both listeners and dancers. Everything starts from a family, which always increases its skills. Thanks to the help of many good friends, visionaries, travellers and a constant and lovely support, we are glad to please your feelings distributing our works, with marvellous and touching tunes. We involved every side of the psychedelic and funky expression in our trance and chillout compilations, albums and digital Ep’s. We intent to create products that have low impact on environment, so we decide to make our printed promotion material and packages always ECO-FRIENDLY, mostly made of non-toxic inks on recycled paper and without plastic. Since we still produce CDs, we aim to have the package a 100% recyclable. We are guests of nature!


  • KYO
    Alternating Beats / WoodMood
    Alternating Beats / WoodMood
    Alternating Beats
    Alternating Beats

    It all begun from scratching in far 1999 and since that time his evolution is still going on,playing different geners like: funk,uk Breaks,Dubstep,Dirty Electro...but Techno Music definitly touch his soul after his first trip to Berlin...the story is yet to be written...


  • PIX
    Alternating Beats
    Alternating Beats

    Pix, giovane dj della scena torinese nasce a torino nel 1991.

    Iniziato dal fratello maggiore alla musica live scoprirà tutte le emozioni che il concerto può regalare già all'età di undici anni.

    Nel 2007 scatta l'amore per la musica elettronica dopo il concerto dei Daft Punk.

    Da lì inizia il viaggio nel mondo della Psy Trance e dei Techno Rave per finire in ogni genere di party selvaggio in stupendi club o location incante.



    Massimo aka Psychover was born in Puglia (Italy) in 1982. He participated at his first psytrance party on December 2002 in Rome (Chimera Tribe party). Since then he has never ceased to follow this kind of music and to participate to goa parties. Psychover started playing psytrance music since the summer of 2007. His style is a mix of underground full-on and darkpsy/forest, but sometimes he plays also progressive psytrance. Psychover has performed throughout Italy in various parties organized by Free Spirits Foundation, Looney Moon Records, Quarion Tribe, Evolution Family, Psychol@b, Argonauti PsyCrew, Merkaba Crew, PsyFamily Crew, Energetich Touch Project and many other, but also in some parties in Belgium and in Malta (where he currently lives).


  • KORA

    DJane Kora is an ecltectic Artist from Italy. Painter, masseuse and styliste, this girl approaches to psy trance after a long path trough different kinds of music. She started studying Piano for several years acquiring the basical music notions.

    She discovers the Psychedelic Goa in the 2009 and immediately starts mixing Progressive Trance and PsyProg, from that moment she's completely absorbed on her works mixing and producing.

    In the late 2013 after a deep research trough the variety of Psychedelic she starts first playing and then producing other sonorities that we can call Darkpsytrance.


    Voidscope Records
    Voidscope Records

    Massimiliano Vian, in art Winny, was born in Venice in 1985.He starts to play records in 2002 and only three years later he gets to know Psytrance Music. With a few friends he starts to play around Veneto region and gets to organize several psytrance parties, mainly in the North of Italy. His style is the result of many years of different experiences and much experimentation. Along his way into the Psychedelic world, he got the chance to play in festivals like Freqs of Nature, Modem, Human Evolution, 7Chakras, Wao festival and Modular Dimension.

    Now his dj sets can count with four main tendencies: Progressive: a deep an obscure, industrial, hypnotic trip; Techno-prog: the most introspective set, but rich in mechanical grooves and psychedelic and sci-fi elements. Darkpsy: with an organic and futuristic forest sound, with hi-tech and cyberdelic elements;
    There are even influences from Chill-Ambient, Ambient, IDM, Electro, Post-Industrial, Rythmic Noise and Glitch music.

    Since 2013 he is the Art-Director of Phobic-Club in Venice, an eclectic club that promotes underground music and hosted so far several international artists.

    Peak Records
    Peak Records

    Peter Surace aka Incredible Tide ,was born in England but brought up in Naples, Italy.

    He grew up listening to The Doors, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Gong. Always interested in experimental music, he works with lots of different styles, such as hip-hop and electronic.

    After collecting lots of tunes, in 2004 he started DJing ambient-world music. His idea was to create a journey through sounds trying to mix past and future, searching for the perfect balance. He loves to play ethnic music influenced by electronic sounds trying to “tune in” to a wonderland of sensations.

    He is part of Looney Moon Party Amusement, involved in creating high quality events in Italy. In 2006 he also joined the Peak Records DJ team.

    He has played in many parts of the world in events like the Shambala Festival (Lithuania), Rhythm of Peace (Morocco), Cosmic Gathering (Slovakia), Mental Soup (Switzerland), and many parties in Italy such as
    Liquid Theatre, Modular Dimension, Rotta su Goa, Hyper Activity and Gates of Perception.

  • NAMI
    Blue Hour Sounds
    Blue Hour Sounds

    Nami's passion for downtempo chill out arose in Boom festival 2008.

    She was already collecting cds and tracks of this music genre, when the enfolding vibes of music in that amazing location made her definitely fall in love with it.

    From that moment she started to enrich her music collection, and began deeper studies on the sounds of many artists, trying to put everything in a flowing mixed set.

    She played in uncountable Italian parties, and also in festivals such as Blackmoon, Human Evolution, Freqs of Nature, Momento Demento, Shankra Festival.

    After a couple of years in Looney Moon Crew, in 2013 she decided to surf on a new Blue wave, joining Blue Hour Sounds.


    Free Spirit Foundation
    Free Spirit Foundation

    Physics and science describe the unconventional state of being



    Free Spirit Foundation
    Free Spirit Foundation

    Paolo Ypnotika is a talented italian Psytrance dj from Rome he became interested in electronic music in the early nineties and started to play Techno in 1993. After being fascinated by the Psychedelic scene after participating at several festivals also started to play PsyTrance during the years he have collaborated with several Italian Psytrance crews including Alphavirus, LizardTribe, ,Domino Crew,GoaProject,Mobile Suite,Expander. Actully his set is a powerful mix of psychedelic tracks, effects, synth loops manipulated in real time.

    In 2012 he landed at the Free Sprit Foundation, tribe with which he has established an immediate powerful feeling. He is currently resident dj at Shanti!!, Lizard Tribe and UVbar(Goa,India)Festival where he played:BlackMoon Festival 2014(Italia)-Sonica teaser 2015(Goa,India)-WAO Festival 2015(Italia)-Sonica Festival 2015(Italia)-Tribal Gathering 2016(Panama)-WAO Festival 2016)Italia).

    Ready to blast the dance floor for the next years!!


    Free Spirit Foundation
    Free Spirit Foundation

    Born in december 2012 Interstellar Overdrive is the chillout project of Ver.0 and Bentley, two of the most relevant entertainers and djs of the psychedelic trance scene in Italy. Both resident at Shanti!, the biggest psychedelic trance party in Rome, in this project they combine their different musical styles and preferences. The result is a very innovative dj-set changing from ambient and downtempo to progressive beat in a wide range of bpm (from 90 to 130).

    Nato nel dicembre 2012 Interstellar Overdrive è il progetto comune di due noti Dj della scena PsyTrance capitolina. Ver.0 e Bentley (entrambi resident di Śhānti!) hanno fuso gli anni di passioni musicali che li accomunano creando un set che spazia dalla Chill Out psichedelica, alla Psystep passando per sonorità Ethno, Dub e Glitch. Buon viaggio!


  • KAL-EL
    Free Spirit Foundation
    Free Spirit Foundation

    Kal-El Aka Giorgio Superman was born on the planet Krypton, in the 1974, before being rocketed to Rome as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton's destruction.

    Discovered and adopted by a Roman family and imbued with a strong sense of humor. Very early he started to display superhuman abilities, which he resolved to use for the benefit of the dancefloor.

    Superman resides and operates in Berlin and Rome, he is the resident dj of BERLIN INVASION. Kal-El fights with his sound against all forms of racism and fascism.

    In 1993 Giorgio Superman began playing in illegal raves...

    He was one of the first rebels dj in Rome with Hard Raptus crew He was Contropotere
    Since 2000 he has divided the console with the biggest names of the world's breaks scene as Plump DJs, Soul of Man, Santos, Madox, Addictive and many more.....

    Between 2010 and 2011, we find him as resident DJ in Berlin, in the About Blank club, in the appointment of the monthly queer party : Homopatik.

    He has played in many festivals, among them Sonica, Free Field, WAO.

    In 2013 he landed at the Free Spirit Foundation with his new Psy-Breaks project Kal-El.

    As Kal-El, he is currently resident dj at Shanti! and Kali Yuga and ready to blast the dance floor for the next years.
    Surfing on the vibes, techno, breakbeat psycadelic he has reached his personal style.........always contaminated with many different kinds of music and people met.


    Alternating Beats
    Alternating Beats
    Try to add some panel text for this employee 😉

    Tomz.db Tommaso Statella, aka Tomz.db, has always had, since childhood, a weakness for buttons and knobs. The idea to make something happen, pushing a simple button, have ever made him crazy.

    In 2006 founds HSPL, crew of producers with whom he began playing in squats, raves, and clubs. After 2 years, from the merge of HSPL and PBC and the entry of many new artists, founded CROMEDROP Family, a collective that promotes electronic music themed events, surrounded by the most different forms of art. In 2009 creates Provocazioni Festival, an independent art and electronic music festival, attended by more than 5000 people each edition, confirming itself as one of the best independent events in the capital.

    Cromedrop Records is the last step of the collective, an independent label whose first release on vinyl wants to be, as well as a point of arrival, a starting point for setting new targets, like promoting italian and international artists, and fixing what since many years was recognised in parties as “Cromedrop style”.

    In 2013 founds “Container”, a club oriented project in wich he’s artistic director and technical responsible. After the first season the monthly party, in wich he’s resident, placed it self as a landmark in the roman techno scene
    His sets are characterized by old sounds elaborated in contemporary way, he mixes acid, progressive and raw techno creating a very singular path.



    Starts his career as a Dee Jay, in the far 1985, when the music of the dancefloors was spacing on several fontiers requesting skills that are actually fundamental for the djing, like versatility, technique and a good taste. At the end of the 80's, with the advent of acid house and then the techno, he starts also to compose music for the storic roman label ACV, remaining, toghether with Leo Anibaldi, Robert Armani, one of its exponents until 1994.

    His productions are various, and we can remeber: "Power" - "Escape from Italy" in 1991, "Lost Paradise" in 1992 and "What is Techno" in 1994. In the meanwhile he partecipied to all Rave Parties of those years, and suddenly (from 95 to our days) to all most important musical events that took place in the centre and nord of Italy.

    He was also dj resident in clubs like "Club Imperiale" (Tirrenia-Pisa), the "Cyborg" (Attigliano-TR) and "Arabes" (Civita Castellana-VT), gathering agreement by all, not only for his music but also for his approach with the audience.

    Until the 2004 winter, toghether with Dj SaY (creator and promoter of the brand), he was protagonist of the electronic music nights "Sensorial", and in the radiophonic mixed program "Selecta" on the roman emittent Radio Centro Suono.

    Until 2010he was resident once a month in the XDOX Club in Turin.



    Silvia Trix is a DJ-producer coming from the Roman underground Electronic Dance Music scene. In the last few years she started producing her own music which is now the backbone of her dj sets.

    In 2011 she launches her first release for the Roman label “Stencil Recordings”. At that point of her carreer Silvia Trix begins her journey into music production for various labels, including “Black Sam Records” of which she is the founder.

    In her sets the powerful techno groove with a progressive influence generate a sound whose goal is to set the dancefloor on fire.

    She played in the best clubs in Rome like Rashomon, Goa Club, Radio Londra, Ex Dogana to name a few. She has a strong presence in the international techno scene playing in historical Techno clubs such as Tresor, Mikz, Suicide Circus, About Blank, Kitkat Club.



    La sua carriera musicale inizia Vivendo tra la Roma del Uonna club e Piper,Venice bar e Londra a cavallo degli anni 90 ,dove colleziona dischi e fanzine di beat, rare grooves,funk,rocksteady,acid jazz. Si diletta a fare da costumista per alcune band locali di Acid jazz e a organizzare eventi Boogaloo Beat party con la scena locale Londinese.(The Creation,Sugar Lump,Fungus Mungus,Toung kung-fu). A Roma suona spesso per il Circolo degli Artisti,si distingue per organizzare eventi rock nella occupazione della facoltà di Lettere della Pantera del 1990.

    Nel 1991 Lavora come cuoco negli studi di registrazione Abbey di Primrose Hill dove conosce molte band ,si appassiona alla scena neo-psichedelica e gli albori di quella che sara`la scena trance inglese *Megadog parties, Return to the Source, Whirly Gigs, Hoochie koocthie,Fridge. Frequenta ,grazie a uno strano incontro e viaggio gli Ozric Tentacles, esplora più volte gli Stati Uniti e Messico dove torna con flauti indio fatti a mano,dischi rari e ricche esperienze psichedeliche.

    Nel 1993 circa fa ritorno a Roma dove si iscrive alla Sapienza per un indirizzo Antropologico condotto dal Prof. Canevacci.

    L'incontro con i studenti di sociologia,la cultura cyber-punk dei centri sociali e la passione per le nuove musiche e tecnologie,coinvolge e travolge Andy fino a occuparsi di organizzare dapprima dei dj set in salette chill out,poi a utilizzare le Brain Machines in installazioni sempre più bizzarre e articolate con audio missaggi live, sintetizzatori analogici,musiche sciamaniche. Le sue installazioni vengono pubblicate con un intervista anche sulla rivista Max.
    Con le Brain Machines Andy viaggia per tutta Italia con installazioni e dimostrazioni di come la mente interagisce con degli impulsi di frequenze programmate. Partecipa con Helena Velena a un tour europeo con Erotika, suona in vari locali, ma anche centri sociali in particolare il Livello 57 e il Link di Bologna.,Radio Blackout Torino.

    In questi anni collabora ai convegni del prof Canevacci in particolare ricordiamo quelli sulla Trans e stati modificati di G. Lapassade,la presentazione dei Libri Musiche e sciamani a cura di Antonello Colimberti, Musica Minimalista di Paolo Coteni e Govanni Antognozzi.

    A cavallo dei novanta Andy scrive articoli sugli stati alterati di coscienza, escono alune interviste su MUSICA di Repubblica (un dj techno-sciamano)sugli MP3 e la qualità` del suono.

    Si interessa di Zone temporanee Autonome T.A.Z. e partecipa attivamente alla scena Rave Romana ,pur mantenendo un atteggiamento più internazionale che strettamente locale.Viaggia moltoCollabora con: (SpiralTribe,Mutoid waste company,Mononome,,Adishaboom,Network 23.e parecchie iniziative locali con Forte Prenestino,Spazio Camino,Curley Esoteric,Hekate,Praxis,Fintech clan).sono gli anni dei Technival (raduni,free festival sparsi per tutta Europa).Con alcuni amici si organizza e auto costruisce un sound sistem(plasmodio),modifica furgoni e camper con cui viaggia in estate con il dj Head-Ceaner da cui impara che la musica elettronica non viaggia sempre para su due binari....
    La sua missione e- sempre stata di cercare di fare da ponte tra diverse realta contro culturali e puramente artistiche. Invitare DJ della scena elektro e techno Romana a uscire dal normale circuito dei clubs. Artisti come Gabriele rizzo Elex rec. ,Andrea Benedetti Plasmek ,Marco Passarani Nature ,Marco Micheli A.C.V..Lory d. S.N.S. ,Leo Anibaldi A.C.V. ,Rephlex.

    Con la fine dei novanta si chiude un epoca di creatività legata a grandi spazi,e spesso a situazioni estreme alcune volte incontrollabili.

    Nel 1999 Andy riscopre luoghi più caldi e colorati dall' India (che ha conosciuto già dal 1995) a Ibiza,dove si reinventa resident di un famoso mercatino Las Dalias ,qui nasce Andy shakty e riscopre i suoni caldi di Asian,afro,funk,dub,funk,lounge,chillout e world music.Partecipa a numerosi eventi e collabora con parecchi dj locali: T.I.P.,dj Pippi, Namaste, Dj Tajmahal, dj Pathaan.DC.10,Retinal Freman.

    Sempre nel 1999/2000 Andy si diploma presso UM università della musica di Via Libetta Roma come tecnico del suono,e apre un suo studio di registrazione.

    A Roma nello stesso anno parte il progetto Blue Cheese dove Andy Shakty in collaborazione con Spaghetti creative organizza ETNIX nei locali del ex bocciodromo al Mattatoio di Testaccio. Una serata Crossover piena di influenze etniche ,decorazioni Indiane,video mix live,grande sound sistem ,ma che non abbandona mai del tutto l-elettronica. Andy mixa piatti,DAT,minidisk,cd ,effetta,usa il vocoder,suona anche chillout in una saletta con camino adiacente, interagisce live con parecchi artisti tra cui ricordiamo Mauro Tiberi,Roberto Tollis,Martin Patterson (Mutoid,,ospiti internazionali come gli ORB,Rennie Pilgrem,Lory d e Cristiano Balducci anche loro resident dal secondo anno di Etnix. Al terzo anno di residenza etnix viene trasformato in una nuova serata dal titolo Pastamatic con resident Raffaele Costantino e collaborazioni con Radio città Futura. Da queste serate nasce il progetto di Tantratronix una compilation prodotta e mixata da andy e una lunga serie di musicisti romani.

    L-Incontro e unione di Andy e Shakty fashion lo porterà a esibirsi per eventi di moda e performances tra Amsterdam,Ibiza,India,Roma.

    Dal 2000 Andy shakty è resident del metaverso (oggi muzak),dove continua le serate elettroniche con Lory D. Collabora per Expander agli ex magazzini,suona con le serate Asian di Hot for Tandoori.Organizza parties con dj Markus (r.ip. Planet No Name,e Dj Angelica ,partecipa a festival trance, world in Marocco,Grecia,Spagna.

    Nel 2003 Andy shakty si trasferisce gradualmente in India dove interagisce con la scena breakbeat di Mumbai (Acid Curry)che già conosce e frequenta,suona in parecchi clubs (Rain, Athena) per citarne alcuni, lavora come manager del hotel Ramee Guestline ,una bella terrazza sul mare dove gestisce il menu Italiano la musica lounge e un mercatino della domenica.

    Dopo alcune puntate musicali a Pune,si stabilisce a Goa dove lavora nel campo della ristorazione,ma non esita a ritrovare interessanti dj e personaggi per organizzare eventi dedicati sopratutto alla musica elektro techno e house elettronica.(Paraiso di Anjuna,club Crock,West End,Liquid Sky).

    Nel 2006 Fonda il gruppo Electric Zoo una collettiva di dj s internazionale che promuove eventi di musica Techno Elektro in India .il gruppo è attualmente ancora attivo.

    Dal Giugno 2008 rientra in Italia stabilmente ,organizza eventi artistici con installazioni sonore ricordiamo il “920” presso istituto Tozzi,suona per Alcuni aperitivi artistici al Room 26 ,Collabora con l'artista Emilio Leo Freddi per i suoi vernissage e sound track video.

    L'idea musicale di Andy shakty non si esaurisce egli e' alla continua ricerca di forme musicali e sonorità diverse e oggi rappresenta un archivio musicale vivente. La musica non più solo ludica assume un ruolo educativo e divulgativo verso le nuove generazioni, giocare e interpretare le varie sub culture,la loro estetica ,pur mantenendo un profondo rispetto degli stili. Cosi nuove serate nascono con vecchi amici (Blast ,Sputnik,Pure soundz),al Neo Club,i dj set del mercoledì a “Lettere e caffè”,le Serate Burlesque con gli spettacoli di Lilly Rouge , Dj set per il Sunday Happy Market. Qui si riassume l'essenza d un DJ, diciamo un po Antropologo un po underground,un po “Shakty”... che ha attraversato 20 anni di musica e viaggi,nonostante tutto e' ancora vivo sia in senso energetico che fisico.



    Deejay Kilfa overlooking the electronic music scene in the mid-'90s, influenced by Detroit Techno and expecially by artists such as Robert Armani.

    He lives active golden years of underground rave movement, collaborating on multiple parties at national and European level.

    Countless artists with whom he shared the stage in his 12 years in bussiness, Alex Mind, AutoErotique, Belzebass, Crystal Distortion, Dilemn, Electrobugz, Fukkk Offf, GarenTersakyan, Invasian Krew Killah, Lenny Dee, Maelstrom, Pelussje, Maztek, Mik Izif, Mr.Tools, Noisebuilder, Peyo, Traxx Dillaz, Un:Code, Vegamoore and Vitalic to name a few.
    In 2007 he founded the independent label "No Sense Of Place", a true melting pot of artists in progress, whose releases are available digitally from the best stores in January 2011.

    Care of the artistic direction of Node Fest until April 2010 and from March 2011 she married the project MustHard, leading to Rome international artists such as Ikki, LeCastle Vania, The Rogue Element, Utku S. and Zedd.